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Middle Park Fair and Rodeo Results

2010 Middle Park Fair Livestock Show ResultsBeef Junior showmanshipNamePlacingAbbie Halley1Grand ChampionRobyn Halley2Reserve Grand ChampionSydney Ritschard3Beef Intermediate showmanshipNamePlacingEllis Linke1Grand ChampionJustin Halley2Reserve Grand ChampionBeef Senior showmanshipNamePlacingBailey Palmer1Grand ChampionMcCall Linke2Reserve Grand ChampionTim Ritschard3Sammi Halley4Genni Noonen5Meghan Allen6Chyenne Sims7Nick Ritschard8Beef Market ClassesNameTag in Wt. SexBreed/ColorMP RaisedMkt/BreedingFair Wt. PlacingChyenne Sims719SteerCross Bred/BlackNMkt11031McCall Linke718SteerCross Bred/BlackYMkt10982Justin Halley655SteerCross Bred/BlackYMkt10373Sammi Halley539SteerCross Bred/BlackNMkt10664Caitlyn Miller596SteerCross Bred/BlackYMkt10565Sammi Halley688SteerAngus Cross/BlackYMkt12081Grand ChampionBailey Palmer782SteerCross Bred/BlackYMkt11832Reserve Grand ChampionBailey Palmer778SteerCross Bred/BlackYMkt11783Tim Ritschard774SteerCross Bred/BlackYMkt12044Chyenne Sims752SteerCross Bred/BlackYMkt11895Caitlyn Miller630SteerCross Bred/BlackYMkt11636Genni Noonen713SteerMaine CrossYMkt12351Abbie Halley716SteerChar/WhiteYMkt12562Chyenne Sims810SteerCross Bred/BlackNMkt12483Sydney Ritschard756SteerCross Bred/BlackYMkt12454Meghan Allen834SteerRed Angus Cross/RedYMkt13961Nick Ritschard814SteerCross Bred/BlackYMkt12842Robyn Halley845SteerChar/WhiteNMkt12963Beef Breeding ClassesNameTag in Wt. SexBreed/ColorMP RaisedMkt/BreedingFair Wt. PlacingSammi Halley745HeiferShorthorn Cross/White & BlackBreeding1Ellis Linke574HeiferHerefordNBreeding2Ellis Linke651HeiferHerefordYBreeding3Swine Junior showmanshipNamePlacingJake Cameron 4Bailey Martin 3Travis Barnes 2Reserve Grand ChampionRaelee Granger 6Robyn Halley 1Grand ChampionTanner Neiberger 5Swine Intermediate showmanshipNamePlacingLily Daugherty 3Chance Martin 1Grand ChampionReilly Weimer 2Reserve Grand ChampionSean Cameron 5Justin Halley 4Swine Senior showmanshipNamePlacingJace Linke 3Sammi Halley 1Grand ChampionRandi Strandberg 5Tim Ritschard 2Reserve Grand ChampionToni Strandberg 4Swine Show Feeder ClassesClass Tag NameSexBreedWeightPlacing class 1-feeder MPFR 69Haley Weimer Byork 1405class 1-feeder MPFR 39Chance Martin G Cross 1582class 1-feeder MPFR 67Haley Weimer G York 1754class 1-feeder MPFR 50Taylor Strandberg G Cross 1843class 1-feeder MPFR 5Sammi Halley G Cross 1861class 2 – feeder MPFR 18Genni NoonenG Hamp 1923class 2 – feeder MPFR 48Kamri Strandberg G blue butt Cross 1931class 2 – feeder MPFR 54Tel Linke (was family) B1944class 2 – feeder MPFR 9Justin Halley BDuroc 2065class 2 – feeder MPFR 38Bailey Martin G Cross 2092class 3 – feeder MPFR 29Megan Cameron G Cross 2131class 3 – feeder MPFR 51Randi Strandberg G Hamp 2135class 3 – feeder MPFR 27Sean Cameron G Blue Butt 2163class 3 – feeder MPFR 56Ellis Linke G Cross 2176class 3 – feeder MPFR 49Toni Strandberg G Hamp 2214class 3 – feeder MPFR 78Raelee Granger G Blue Butt2242Swine Show Market ClassesClass Tag NameSexBreedWeightPlacing class 4 MPFR 47Travis Barnes BCross 2252class 4 MPFR 74Kenley Derby BBlue Butt 2253class 4MPFR 68Reilly Weimer G Hamp 2275class 4MPFR 70Erica Weimer G Cross- Spot 2284class 4MPFR 77Raelee Granger G Blue Butt2281class 5 MPFR 53Tel Linke G Hamp Cross 2294class 5 MPFR 17Caitlyn Miller BCross 2303class 5MPFR 19Genni NoonenG Hamp 2301class 5MPFR 30Jake Cameron G Cross 2315class 5MPFR 15Robyn Halley Bchester 2326class 5MPFR 26Meghan Cameron G Blue Butt 2322class 6 MPFR 46Destiny Barnes BCross 2332class 6 MPFR 66Erica Weimer Bblue butt2334class 6MPFR 8Justin Halley (was Family) bCross 2373class 6MPFR 75Kenley Derby BBlue Butt 2371class 6MPFR 4Abbie Halley G Hamp 2386class 6MPFR 6Sammi Halley bCross 2385class 7 MPFR 52Tel Linke G Cross 2395class 7 MPFR 57Makenna Green BCross 2403class 7MPFR 65Delayne Neiberger G blue butt2426class 7MPFR 35Nick Ritschard G Blue Butt 2434class 7MPFR 64Delayne Neiberger G york – cross 2431class 7MPFR 25Jake Cameron BDuroc 2442class 8 MPFR 71Reilly Weimer BCross – spot 2453class 8 MPFR 22Jace Linke BHamp/Cross 2461Reserve Grand Championclass 8MPFR 72Lily Daugherty BSpot 2485class 8MPFR 28Sean Cameron G york Cross 2504class 8MPFR 21Jace Linke G Hamp/Cross 2542class 8MPFR 33Nick Ritschard BBlue Butt 2546class 9 MPFR 58Ellis Linke G blue butt Cross 2565class 9 MPFR 62Tanner Neiberger G Hampshire 2561Grand Championclass 9MPFR 43Hugh Wheatley BCross 2604class 9MPFR 45Travis Barnes BBlack belted Hamp cross 2613class 9MPFR 20McCall Linke G York 2622class 10 MPFR 16Caitlyn Miller BCross 2637class 10 MPFR 60Tanner Neiberger G Blue Butt 2631class 10MPFR 63Delayne Neiberger BBlack 2635class 10MPFR 59Tanner Neiberger BCross-B2642class 10MPFR 31Tim Ritschard G Blue Butt 2656class 10MPFR 41Bailey Martin BYork 2653class 10MPFR 42Chance Martin BYork 2654class 11 MPFR 32Sydney Ritschard G Blue Butt 2674class 11 MPFR 36Tim Ritschard BBlue Butt 2672class 11 MPFR 55Makenna Green BCross 2675class 11 MPFR 73Lily Daugherty BHamp2683class 11 MPFR 40Chance Martin (was family)Byork 2691Goat Junior showmanshipNamePlacingAbbie Halley1Robyn Halley2Bailey Martin3Bixby Daugherty4Goat Intermediate showmanshipNamePlacingJustin Halley1Chance Martin2Ellis Linke3Lily Daugherty4Goat Senior showmanshipNamePlacingSammi Halley1Market Goat ClassesClassNameSexBreedWeightPlacing1Robyn HalleyDBoer5411Ellis LinkeDBoer6122Abbie HalleyDBoer7012Bixby DaughertyW7322Abbie HalleyW7133Justin HalleyWBoer8013Lily DaughertyW7723Ellis LinkeWBoer7934Bailey MartinD8214Sammi HalleyWBoer8724Chance MartinD813Poultry Showmanship ClassesJuniorGrand ChampionJake CameronIntermediateGrand ChampionBode CulbreathSeniorGrand ChampionCaitlyn MillerReserve ChampionLauren Parri3rdDustin Horn4thChance Martin5thSean CameronPoultry Overall ShowmanshipGrand Champion OverallBode CulbreathReserve ChampionLauren Parri3rdJake CameronPoultry Class: Male SingleNameBreedSexLbsOzsClass PlacingOverall PlaceChance MartinBroad Breasted BronzeM274Bode CulbreathButtercupM222Lauren ParriBlack StarM363Lauren ParriRed StarM421Bode CulbreathMille FleurM1145Poultry Class: Female SingleNameBreedSexClass PlacingOverall PlaceChance MartinGiant WhiteF4Bode CulbreathTurkensF3Bode CulbreathFrizzleF2Bode CulbreathFrizzleF1Reserve ChampionBode CulbreathMille FluerF5Poultry Class: Male & Female (not chicken)NameBreedSexClass PlacingOverall PlaceDustin HornBroad Breasted BronzeF3Dustin HornCayugaF1Dustin HornPekinF2Poultry Class: Trio-1 Male & 2 FemalesNameBreedSexClass PlacingOverall PlaceDustin HornRouinM2Bode CulbreathWhite SilkiesF3Lauren ParriRed StarM1Grand Champion Best of ShowPoultry Class: Egg Production-3 Females (chickens only)NameBreedSexClass PlacingOverall PlaceBode CulbreathPearl LeghornF1Bode CulbreathWhite OrpingtonF2Lauren ParriRhode Island RedF3Poultry Class: 2 Males or 2 Females (other than chickens)NameBreedSexClass PlacingOverall PlaceChance MartinBroad Breasted BronzeF1Chance MartinNarragansettM5Dustin HornBroad Breasted BronzeF4Bode CulbreathBroad Breasted BronzeF2Bode CulbreathBroad Breasted BronzeF3Poultry Class: Meat Production-3 Males (chickens only)NameBreedSexBand#LbsOzsClass PlacingOverall PlaceSean CameronCornish RockM80742Jake CameronCornish RockM836103Laura ParriCornish RoastersM641221Reserved Grand Champion Meat PenPoultry Class: Meat Production-3 Females (chickens only)NameBreedSexBand#LbsOzsClass PlacingOverall PlaceCaitlyn MillerCornish CrossF725112Caitlyn MillerCornish CrossF88501Grand Champion Meat PenCaitlyn MillerCornish CrossF924123Lauren ParriCornish RoastersF969124Dustin HornCornish Cross RockF88705

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