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Middle Park Fair & Rodeo Pioneers – Richard and Marilyn Curry

Larry BanmanKremmling, Colorado

The children of Middle Park pioneers, Richard and Marilyn Curry, raised a family that is still active in Middle Park agriculture and the annual fair and rodeo.Marilyn was born in 1932 to Chloe and Faye DeBerard. At the time, her family owned and operated Grand River Ranch, which had been developed by Faye’s father, Fred DeBerard. Her family moved to a ranch in the Troublesome Creek Valley when Marilyn was three years old.That ranch is still in the family, currently the home for Richard and Marilyn’s daughter Sandy, her husband Jodi and their family.Richard was born to Mark and Helen Curry in 1932. His family ranched in the Sheephorn Valley above Radium for many years. Helen Curry was named a Pioneer of the Year for the Middle Park Fair in 1978.Richard and Marilyn both graduated from Kremmling Union High School in 1952 and they married in 1954.Faye DeBerard was named Citizen of the Year for the Middle Park Fair in 1958. Richard and Marilyn were honored as Citizens of the Year at the annual fair in 1996.The Currys have been in the gravel pit and road building business for many years. They opened Grand Gravel in Kremmling about 30 years ago. They have also owned Curry Construction since 1955. Richard estimates he built over 80 miles of Forest Service road for Louisiana-Pacific. The Currys also built dams in Custer County.In 1989, the Currys moved to Hotchkiss where they operated a gravel pit until they sold the business in 2006. In that venture, they have been able to work together with their son Tom Curry.Richard and Marilyn have been involved in the Middle Park Fair in a variety of ways. They have donated to the senior barrel race since it started and they have purchased a lot of steers over the years at the Junior Livestock Sale.Marilyn and Richard didn’t show animals at the various shows but their children and grandchildren have been very involved in that aspect of the fair.When asked what the biggest change has been in Middle Park, Marilyn said the decline of family ranches has been the most significant change she and her husband have noticed.