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Middle Park Medical Center adds cutting edge ultrasound unit

Staff Report

Middle Park Medical Center's (MPMC) Diagnostic Center recently received a new GE LOGIQ 9 Ultrasound unit that will permit increased diagnostic confidence.

"This Ultrasound unit is the flagship unit that GE Healthcare produces," said Trampas Hutches, COO with MPMC.

The GE Logic 9's ultrasound technology allows for organ-specific imaging according to tissue type, resulting in better contrast resolution and border detection. The high-end image quality resulting from this technology can dramatically increase diagnostic confidence. It quickly helps clinicians perform extremely precise ultrasound imaging in a broad range of clinical applications from abdominal, to breast, to vascular imaging.

The procedure is simple: Gel is placed on the skin or on a hand-held probe. The probe is then placed on the skin to transmit the ultrasound waves and receive the echoed image. The LOGIQ 9 system is built on TruScan, a software-driven platform with features that are changing how ultrasound impacts radiology in image quality, workflow efficiencies, and increased productivity.

"The images created by the LOGIC 9 not only improve the 3D capabilities, it enhances your 2D imaging as well," said Hutches. "It provides even greater diagnostic confidence in your obstetrical, gynecologic, breast and general imaging studies. It also presents mothers and fathers breathtaking images of their unborn child to share with everyone."