Mountain Family Center offers Grand Countians help in Hot Sulphur Springs, Kremmling |

Mountain Family Center offers Grand Countians help in Hot Sulphur Springs, Kremmling

To the Editor:

My friend changed his address recently: He now resides in his car. No work, no rent money, no food.

This situation breaks my heart. How many other people in Grand County are facing potential homelessness or have no heat in their homes? How many local children are eating cereal for dinner because their parents can’t afford groceries to make a nutritious meal? And, how many of our hard working folks are packing up and moving to greener pastures in other counties or states? Too many.

This situation is as frustrating as it is heartbreaking because help is available. Mountain Family Center currently has money for homeless prevention and utility assistance as well as two food banks (Hot Sulphur Springs and Kremmling). We just need those having a tough time to call.

The staff at Mountain Family Center understand how difficult it is to ask for help, especially when you have never been in need before. Be comforted in the knowledge that the people working at the Center share two basic beliefs: Each person will leave the Center with their dignity intact, and no one leaves the Center empty handed. If our programs can’t help you, we will help you find one that can. Also, Mountain Family Center’s services are confidential.

Every day struggling locals tell us they want to make sure the Center has enough resources to help families with children; they say they are “just fine,” that their parents survived tougher times, and they will too. While it is heartwarming to listen to individuals in need put others ahead of themselves, it is important to realize that Mountain Family Center serves all types of households ” single people, married couples, single parents, as well as families with children.

Right now, asking for assistance is a win-win situation. The only possible way to let our legislators and donors know that our community is hurting just like the rest of Colorado is for people to come forward and ask for help. Statistics speak volumes to our busy leaders.

One of the greatest benefits of living in Grand County is a sense of belonging to a large family: We take care of each other. Those facing homelessness, hunger, or utility shut-offs should call the Center. And, we should all reach out to our friends and neighbors who are struggling and encourage them to call, too.

And a note to those who are not struggling during this tough economy: Joining a network that truly helps others is very rewarding. Funneling your gifts of time, food, or money to the community through the Mountain Family Center will make a significant difference in the lives of our friends and neighbors. Your donations are a worthy investment in those who live, work and unfortunately struggle in Grand County.

Jill Korkowski

Executive Director

Mountain Family Center