Mountain Life Fitness expands to upstairs |

Mountain Life Fitness expands to upstairs

For Jackie Wright, owner of Mountain Life Fitness in Granby, an expansion of a business in Grand County is a symbol of the community bouncing back from the recession. Mountain Life Fitness just completed an expansion to their upstairs area complete with a room for small group Pilates.

The new room has three Pilates reformer machines ands will eventually have a custom heavyweight lifting platform. The platform will allow Olympic weight lifting and be equipped to absorb the concussive forces caused when the lifter drops the weights.

Wright wanted to make the addition to the fitness center to accommodate small groups that wanted to train together. The new area allows groups to train together without necessarily purchasing a membership.

Wright sees her business and other business’ ability to expand as a sign of Grand County’s recovery from the recession, which took longer for Grand County than many other parts of Colorado, according to Wright.

Wright said while many of her members are Granby residents, there are many fitness-enthusiasts from every corner of Grand County. Mountain Life Fitness also has seen an influx of second homeowners joining, Wright said.

Wright, who has been in the fitness business for 31 years, said she waited until the time was right and she had enough business to expand the fitness center to the upstairs of Mountain Life, which was formerly a warehouse.

Unlike many businesses in Grand County, Mountain Life Fitness sees the most business during shoulder seasons. Wright attributes that to residents wanting to stay in shape in between seasons like mountain biking and skiing. Wright said membership numbers sometimes fluctuate because of the high transient population that mountain towns often see, but for the part she has a solid base of dedicated membership holders.

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