Mountain lion kills deer in Innsbruck subdivision |

Mountain lion kills deer in Innsbruck subdivision

Sky-Hi Staff report
Grand County, CO Colorado

The Colorado Department of Parks and Wildlife reported an incidence of a mountain lion deer-kill in the Innsbruck subdivision near Granby.

A resident of the subdivision notified the Department on Dec. 22 about a dead deer near Overlook Drive in Innsbruck covered with some sticks and branches, according to the area’s Wildlife Manager Scott Murdoch.

Dead prey covered with sticks, leaves and branches is indicative of a mountain-lion kill, Murdoch said. Cats cover dead prey with the intention of returning later to feed on it.

Wildlife officials remind residents that any area where deer are present can mean the presence of mountain lion. Feeding wildlife, like deer, can attract their predators to neighborhood areas, Murdoch said, which ultimately puts pets and people in danger.

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