Moved by the music and art this holiday |

Moved by the music and art this holiday

To the Editor:

I want to mention the wonderful efforts Grand County citizens are putting forth for the holidays. Cudos to DiAnn Butler's Hot Sulphur Springs members of the Grand Arts Council. On Saturday, Dec. 7, they put on a wonderful first-ever craft and music event that was very well thought-out and turned out to be a great success. Thank you to all who worked on this. Great job!

Also, I want to share a fun experience we had the other night. Two miles up County Road 4 (turn left by the white horse statue) on the way to Grand Lake there is a surprising light experience at the Ingle house. On the top of every hour between 5 p.m. and 9 p.m., there is a great light show. Tune your radio to FM 90.7, hunker down in your car with a thermos of cocoa and watch 50 minutes of ever-changing Christmas lights set to a varied selection of Christmas music. A hundred hours of planning went into this display and a whole lot of Christmas spirit. If you wish, bring a donation for the Mountain Family Organization and help others have a better Christmas — Mr. Ingle raised $700 and lots of food last year. Such a wonderful local light show. A fun evening for everybody and all in our own county.

Dianne Hickman

Hot Sulphur Springs