MPHS student movie review: Christmas On Mars |

MPHS student movie review: Christmas On Mars

Bradley Hilton
MPHS senior

Oklahoma based band The Flaming Lips finally released their seven-year-in-the- making film, Christmas On Mars. Set on the surface of Mars, failure of the oxygen generator and exotic gravity control pod push its human inhabitants towards realizing their isolation on Christmas Eve in space.

A mute extraterrestrial shows up in a ball of energy he keeps in his mouth, and Steven Drodz makes it his Santa Clause while coping with absurd hallucinations of a Gleaming Armament of Marching Genitalia.

This film looks deep into the intention of human existence and our natural instinct for companionship. The Flaming Lips provided “A Fantastical and Disturbing Humanistic Freakout”, which will be holiday tradition for generations to come.

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