Muftic: Honey traps and private banks: explosives or duds |

Muftic: Honey traps and private banks: explosives or duds

Felicia Muftic
My View

One of the tools of the espionage trade is termed a honey trap, where agents of a foreign spy organization provide sexual services to the target they want to compromise and control, film it , and use it as a tool of blackmail to force the subject to do their will.. Another tool is to trace individual’s obligations in financial dealings to use the target’s personal financial interests that could be used as a hammer over their targets that would be harmful to their political standings. The release by Buzzfeed of a “report” by a former British intelligence agent paid by opponents of Donald Trump alleging there were personal and financial knowledge held by Russian agents could have been used now or in the future to “compromise” Trump.

For sometime the rumor has been circulating that Trump had $300 million in loans, debts he owed to the Russian private bank, Alfa, and that the Russians had evidence which was termed “salacious” (with conspiracy theorists thinking there may had been a honey trap involved). That these rumors and allegations made in the agent’s “report “were taken seriously was most likely because many of both sides of the aisle were puzzled why Donald Trump was constantly apologizing or was in sympathy with the policies of Russia. They were trying to find a reason why Donald Trump was in sympathy with Russia’s territory grabbing in the Ukraine, Crimea, and Georgia, letting Russia finish and dominate the Syrian civil war, weakening NATO’s mutual defense responsibility and endangering the Baltics by failure to be protected from Russian expansionism, and denying of Russian interfering is US elections and hacking. Sometimes Trump’s Putin bromance was owed to Trump’s vulnerability to flattery, and especially from the Russian president , whose leadership Trump openly admired. It was also owed to political connections and friendship of his former campaign manager, Paul Manafort, with the deposed president of the Ukraine and an associate of Putin.

The “report’ was called trash by Trump’s surrogates and spokespeople. All media, even the reporting Buzzfeed and CNN , referred to the report as unproven. Trump went even farther in his January 11 press conference to accuse US intelligence agencies of leaking the “report” as was done in Nazi Germany, and to call CNN “fake news” .Trump himself claimed he had not read the report.

So far as any films that could be released, their degree of impact in “compromising Trump” has been greatly diminished by 46.1% of the November electorate having voted for him while willing to overlook his marital history and victim testimony about being a grabber of women’s private parts, The content of such films may not have much of an impact because it would be of little surprise since his supporters had already taken into consideration his amorality .

The real problem no matter how Trump denies or attacks the allegations, his policies and actions regarding any policy involving Russia will come under close scrutiny by Congress and media. Whether such evidence validating the “report’s” findings would surface later will always be a possibility because there will be forces trying to expose it, forces especially motivated by his warfare with US intelligence agencies and the media. This current flap resulting from Trump’s press conference only intensifies the warfare.

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