Muftic: Trump the con man |

Muftic: Trump the con man

Hand it to Donald Trump. He is a consummate con man.   He has been very effective from the beginning to paint Hillary Clinton as a crook and a liar and throwing out so much flak that he has been able to divert attention from his own crooked and truth twisted behavior. Trump is like the salesman depicted in the Broadway classic, “the Music Man”. Unlike the salesman trying to sell 76 trombones to River City, what he has proposed are kazoos powered by the hot air of implausible plans or nothing at all. These are just some of his vulnerabilities that Hillary Clinton should exploit and go on the offense in the upcoming presidential debates.
As the “Commander in Chief” forum revealed, Donald Trump had no plan to stamp out ISIS but would give his generals a month to come up with a plan which he may or may not accept, depending if he “liked” it.  What he had earlier indicated was 30,000 ground troops, which is a repeat of a past failure
In the same forum was Trump’s eyebrow raising plan to “take the oil” from a sovereign nation, as the way of stopping the rise of ISIS like organizations, because” to the victors belong the spoils.”  Aside from his ignorance of  international law, he ignored the tribal and religious civil war elements causing the rise if ISIS, that even fifteen years of US occupation could never resolve.
When it came to deporting eleven million in the country, once again, other than putting criminals as a priority, he left empty whether or not or even how, he would handle the rest.
He is a skilled flim flam artist, using false facts to make his sales pitch. Fact checkers have rated Trump pants on fire, half- truths, exaggerations and half the story when it comes to using figures and statistics. Clinton fares much better.
While he claims he gave millions to charities, yet  refuses to release his tax returns to show to what,  there  has been no evidence uncovered he gave much to any charities.  However his charitable Foundation gave a $25,000 illegal political contribution from his foundation to a group backing Florida attorney general while his Trump University was under investigation for fraud. The attorney general later filed no charges. Both Trump and the AG deny the connections. There are allegations, too, that he gave even more to the Texas attorney general under similar circumstances, resulting in his dropping the Trump University case. The result is that those who feel ripped off, baited and switched, have had to seek justice by filing class action suits, the trials scheduled post November election.
Like a carnival barker’s shell game, he attacks the Clinton foundation as play for pay, with no evidence her foreign policy was influenced, yet his entangling business dealings with Russia, Ukraine, and Turkey, and other enemies or friends, revealed in a recent Newsweek investigative report.. One can draw a straight line from his business aspirations in Russia to his promotion of Putin’s foreign policy. That simply turning over Trump inc. to his children in a blind trust does not  remove him from conflict of interests with subsequent impact on foreign policy.  Family members are not considered a legitimate blind trust and his real estate investments are blind to no one.
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