Muftic: Women’s March on DC and state capitols to send a message to Donald Trump |

Muftic: Women’s March on DC and state capitols to send a message to Donald Trump

Felicia Muftic
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Felicia Muftic
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After slicing and dicing the results of the 2016 presidential election, the question remains whether Donald Trump’s impulsive grabbing of women’s private parts, remarks against women reporters, and the issues he supported had any impact on the outcome.

The answer is yes. Troubling to many women was his conversion to “pro life” and a statement he made willing to punish those who get abortions. It was one of the highest gender gaps in presidential voting history, with women voting 54 percent to 42 percent.However, the gap was not as high as it could have been since racial , high male gender turnout, and educational differences played a significant role.

None the less, with a president in the White House who will determine the next Supreme Court nominee and Congress in total control by the GOP, many women are feeling insecure about issues of equal pay and whether Roe v Wade will be upheld in the future.

Fears are not limited to women since Trump and his supporters signaled an end to “political correctness” in public language and attitude. There was overt hostility demonstrated by himself and by his campaign supporters toward all who were not white male, including gays and the disadvantaged physically, and racial and religious minorities. The Muslim ban and registration of Muslims Trump advocated signaled a disregard of human and civil rights.

To send Trump a warning that they can mobilize women and others against him and members of Congress, women and those who feel threatened by the new administration’s disrespect of civil and human rights will be marching on Washington January 21, the day before inauguration.

Trump lost the popular vote by nearly three million and his electoral college vote margin was the 46th lowest in the history of 58 elections. He is beginning his term in a political position sensitive to such public pressure.

Not all who would like to march will be able to make the trip to D.C so that similar, simultaneous demonstrations will be held in state capitols, including in Denver.

In Grand County transportation to the Denver march is also being organized. Contact 970-531-0831 or for more information visit

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