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Municipal Elections Results

Byron Hetzler/Sky-Hi Daily News
Byron Hetzler/Sky-Hi Daily News | Sky-Hi Daily News

Note: All election results are unofficial.

Voters defeated an initiative Tuesday to allow the Town of Granby to put in place a home rule charter committee that would have created a home rule charter for the town.

The initiative failed by a 223-147 vote, according to unofficial results.

Voters, however, approved, 196-174, allowing the town to publish ordinances in the newspaper by title only and approved, 230-141, allowing the town to publish its monthly bills on its website only.

Deb Shaw, Ed Raffety and Ken Coatney were all reelected for office with votes of 177, 151 and 139 respectively.

Other votes were: David Miller, 124; Ed Magee, 120; Charles LeBrake, 103; Pete Gallo, 81; and, Craig Crippen, 80.

In Winter Park, faces on town council will remain the same. Vincent Turner received 69 votes; Michael Periolat received 64 votes; Barbara Atwater received 59 votes; Jimmy Lahrman received 54 votes; Katie Riemenschneider received 53 votes; Charles Banks received 41 votes; and, Peggy Woods received 30 votes. Lahrman and Riemenschneider will serve two-year terms. The other terms are all four years.

Fraser voters elected David Pratt with 70 votes; Steve Sumrall with 68 votes; and, Peggy Smith with 57 votes to the Board of Trustees. Vesta Shapiro, with 56 votes; Kim Linin with 55 votes; and, Philip Naill with 41 votes were not seated on the board.

Kremmling voters also approved, 132-98, the ballot measure to publish in the newspaper ordinances by titles only and approved, 148-81, the measure to publish bills online only.

The election for the town board of trustees was uncontested. Jason Bock received 162 votes; Grant Burger III received 163 votes; and Michael G. Music received 165 votes. Thomas Clark was re-elected mayor with 172 votes.

In Hot Sulphur Springs, Hershal Deputy was re-elected mayor in an uncontested election with 93 votes. Town trustees will be: Dan Nolan with 100 votes; Heather Peck with 97 votes; Robert McVay with 76 votes and Lucy Meirose with 71 votes.

Not elected were: Christine Lee who received 51 votes and Summer Shuster who received 35 votes.

Grand Lake voters approved both ballot measures.

Referred Question A, which passed 21-2 will allow the Town to publish ordinances by title only with the complete text available through the Grand Lake Town Hall and on the Town’s official website.

Referred Question B, which passed 20-3, will allow the monthly listing of the payment of bills to be made available through the Grand Lake Town Hall and on the Town’s official website instead of publication in the newspaper.

The town board of trustees election was uncontested. Jim Peterson received 24 votes; Tom Weydert received 23 votes and David Gibbons received 8 votes.

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