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Music music everywhere

Marina Koepke
Forever Young

What is the best kind of music? I’m sure most people are quick with a biased answer based on their favorite genre. Which is fine, it’s a perfectly honest mistake that people make. But, is it really OK to degrade other genres just because they don’t resonate with the harmony of your appeal?

All across the world, different types of music are played daily to bring life into the atmosphere and people listen to their preferred music because it gives them that certain emotion they are seeking. At the same time, there is a constant battle between different groups of music fans on which earns the title of “the best type of music.”

Music is a fad, it changes and grows. Songs become popular then old and the cycle keeps playing. It’s true that some music is more popular than others and consequently, the ‘not as well loved’ genres are swept under the rug and/or looked down upon by the majority of the population of music fans.

Take classical music for example. There isn’t as much controversy with classical music as there is with some other music, but still often looked upon with the wrong light. Boring is the common word associated with it. Just because it’s not “here, now, POW” like Ke$ha, it doesn’t make it exciting. Classical music is poetry to the ear; it paints vivid pictures with the arrangement of the instruments.

On the other end of the scale is heavy metal music. I’ve heard people call it noise, a work of the devil, disgraceful, vile and a bad influence. Which is all completely wrong! Nowadays, people jump to conclusions about things they are scared or just ignorant of. If you educate yourself you’d find heavy metal music a perfect marriage of the industry of rock ‘n’ roll and ballet. A stunning genre of music. The illusion that there is some sort of “best type of music” muffles the point and beauty of the diverse world of music. Whether you’re a metal head, pop princess or stuck in the 80s, your favorite music will always “whisper words of wisdom,” so “let it be” and learn to appreciate all music because when it “gets down to the heart of the matter” it’s all the best.