Neighbors unhappy with logging project |

Neighbors unhappy with logging project

Having been a property owner at High Seasons Condominiums, builder and developer on various projects in Winter Park for 41 years, we are appalled at the way the massive logging project was handled on the Union Pacific right of way behind and west of our buildings. Our only source of information for this project was the explanation in the Middle Park Times, dated Thursday June 10, 2010. Having been in the construction and development business for 40 years, the low bidder always has issues. In our case, it looks like the outer 50 feet was not flagged for 4-inch healthy trees and less, since they were all cut down. Probably lack of supervision and planning. Was the town supervising the flagging of healthy trees less than 4 inches? Anyone, please go look. What is the plan for planting of the outer 50 feet with replacement trees? It didn’t seem to be addressed in the article. The almost total clearing of the entire right of way opens up significant increased train sound issues, adversely affecting property owners along the entire stretch. It most certainly will tempt those dirt bikers and ATV users who are always looking for new playgrounds. Conversely, our condominium complex High Seasons took preventative action starting 12 years ago, spraying our 700 plus trees at $2,000 to $3,000 per year. We had no grant from the American Reinvestment and Recovery Act. So our $30,000 was spent from our hard earned money. It should be noted that we have not lost a single tree. Anyone, please go look. Could the railroad have taken preventative action also? Please don’t close the books and say this matter is concluded. The town has a responsibility to correct a bungled project.Ron & Katie FossettWinter Park/Englewood

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