New Fraser business provides office temps |

New Fraser business provides office temps

Will Bublitz
Grand County, Colorado

A new business in Fraser is finding temporary office workers for other businesses in Grand County.

“Extreme Temp Services” is able to provide temporary or on-call professionals to assist businesses who are experiencing sudden work overloads, deadline situations and employee absenteeism.

Located upstairs in the Fraser Marketplace building across the parking lot from Safeway, Extreme Temp Services is owned and operated by Debbie Harper and Sandy Walker.

“Our people are willing to work for a day, week or long-term assignments,” Harper said. “We can help businesses who have employees who are absent due to maternity leaves, vacations or illness. Our temps are ready to step in and do the job.”

Extreme Temp Services can also help businesses that might only need regular part-time office help.

“We understand that many businesses want to save on the expense of hiring full-time help,” Walker said. “For example, a realtor might need help only one day a week. Our temps can come once a week to type a contract, answer phone calls, take a photo or input computer data. We’ll take the headache out of a business’s employment dilemmas.”

Extreme Temp Services recruits, tests and certifies its temporary office workers. It currently has a dozen qualified temps on its staff. All of them are bonded.

“Our temps are employees of Extreme Temp Services,” Walker said. “The business that needs the help pays us, and we pay the temps and handle their worker’s compensation and liability insurance.”

Extreme’s temporary workers have a variety of skills.

“We have temps with medical, administrative and real estate backgrounds,” Harper said. “Computer and customer service skills are a must for all of them. We match each temp to the job.”

Harper and Walker are also seeking local residents who are looking for work and would like to join their staff as temps.

“A person might be a stay-at-home mom and they could be one of our temps,” Walker said. “Or someone who can’t work a five-day-a-week, 8-to-5 job because of their circumstances. We will work with their personal schedules. We want it to be a real win-win situation for both the temp and the business they would work for.”

For more information, call Extreme Temp Services at (970) 726-5102.

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