New Grand Lake shop caters to spirit |

New Grand Lake shop caters to spirit

Tonya Bina
Sky-Hi Daily News
Grand County, Colorado

A shop devoted to spiritual nurturing has evolved along the boardwalk of Grand Lake.

Interfaith Rev. Sheryl and architect/artist David Dahman opened Spirit of the Lake six weeks ago to provide a venue for “spiritual connection” through books, fragrance, art, music, home decor and on-on-one spiritual support.

The goal of Spirit of the Lake “is not to support any one or multiple religions,” said David, “but to transcend religion and go to the spirit, which is the essence of all religions.”

Hanging and displayed on studio gallery walls are works of art inspired by “a unity with Spirit” and a connection to “life’s grace and beauty.”

Featured are works created by David, whose 40-year career designing homes continues as he indulges in his re-found passion for painting.

The architect said he particularly enjoys painting aspen trees for their representation of both the evolution and dormancy in life.

Likewise, his practice of design – now co-located with Spirit of the Lake – seeks to merge architecture with nature. “A house becomes a home when it reflects the spirit within,” he said. Throughout his long career, he said he noticed how many times people sought a house that reflected wealth instead of spirit.

“I’m not interested in reflecting wealth,” he said. “I’m more interested in people feeling comfortable than above it all.”

And with her interior design background, Sheryl is available to assist with creating sacred spaces in homes. As a “minister of celebration,” she performs wedding ceremonies, house blessings, vow renewals and guides other occasions that call for a “sacred time of praise, celebration and spiritual dedication.” She is an artist herself who enjoys painting women living from spirit.

Cooperative artist and spiritual counselor Emery Bear of Hot Sulphur Springs joins the Dahmans by presenting his art work defined by metaphysical illustration, impressionism, abstract impressionism and surrealism.

Bear began painting upon seeing angels during meditation. From there, his passion blossomed. The former cropduster pilot has since exhibited his works at about 400 galleries and retailers throughout the world and was twice an award winner at the New Age International Trade Show in Denver.

With his ability to access “another set of senses,” emerging in the form of angels sent to accompany each individual on earth, Bear offers one-on-one “soul readings” during which he can gain contact to the metaphysical and answer questions. “They will not interfere with the choices and decisions you make, but they will work with those choices and decisions and move you along on a spiritual journey,” Bear said.

Bear and the Dahmans are also available for guided prayer and spiritual counseling.

With the Spirit of the Lake studio and gallery, Sheryl said she hopes the space becomes not only a spiritual retreat, but also an artist’s retreat. Already jewelry designer Nancy Goes has on display her photography and custom jewelry pieces, and Deb Treibor is another local artist who will be presenting watercolor works.

The Dahmans aim to not only display original art works, but reproduce them into more affordable prints. The books available in the store seek to deepen an inner connection, and the fragrances can “open the heart center and calm the mind,” Sheryl said.

“We’re honored to be here,” she said. “We embrace all faith, all paths of love and hope to provide a place of unity and oneness.”

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