Newspaper photographer’s efforts greatly appreciated |

Newspaper photographer’s efforts greatly appreciated

To the Editor:

Byron Hetzler is a fantastic addition to your staff. I have known Byron for years and have always appreciated his talents as a photographer and his volunteerism as a Grand County citizen.

That front page photo of Raina in the J4 Junior Olympics Super G is astounding. Anyone who has tried to take a photo of a 55-mph human bullet knows that it takes a special touch to capture ski racing in motion. Thanks to the Ski-Hi Daily News for hiring Byron. You got the real thing in Byron’s work and his credentials go a long way too.

Thanks also to your whole news staff for their detailed coverage of ski racing and other ski competitions over the last few years. Ski competitions are an integral part of our Grand County culture.

Parker Thomson

Winter Park Competition Center

J5 Accelerate Head Coach

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