Newspaper should keep printing diversity of news, opinions |

Newspaper should keep printing diversity of news, opinions

To the Editor:

“Paper needs to focus more exclusively on local issues,” said the author of a recent letter to the Sky-Hi Daily Hews. Huh?

I counted the headlines in the News that same day and found only one out of 20-some articles that might be considered a national issue (and that was about the wilderness bill, which has obvious important local ramifications).

It seems like the letter’s author is really only bothered by one columnist who writes on the Opinion page, and with whom he disagrees. There are many of us out here who want to listen to a variety of views on issues both local and national. I for one want to encourage the News to keep that level of diversity flowing even if the views expressed do not coincide with preconceived notions about how things should be.

Keep both Dr. Hamilton and Ms. Muftic, and let the readers decide whether to agree or disagree. Let’s keep our minds open to the diversity of views expressed by these folks rather than suppress them. If you disagree with either, you can always use the Op-Ed page to light the fire in your wood stove.

K. John Stahl

Grand Lake

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