Newspaper’s "Question of the Week" jaded? |

Newspaper’s "Question of the Week" jaded?

Regarding your “Question of the Week” in the May 20 edition of the Middle Park Times (and May 14 Sky-Hi News), “What do you think about Arizona’s new immigration law?”: Congratulations! You have yet again proven that liberal bias exists in the press, even in small rural publications such as yours.

To Wit: The weekly web poll results as posted on clearly show that 74.58 percent of your respondents are in favor of the law. Yet, in your typical biased fashion, you show the photos of two people professing the liberal view and only one stating the conservative position.

This might, to the casual reader, indicate that 66 percent of the folks are against the law while only 33 percent are for it. Nice try, but the reader who is actually paying attention sees right through this rather juvenile approach. I’m sure you keep a file of local liberals on hand, such as Miles Miller, so you can run out and interview them as it suits your purpose.

As a part-time resident of Southern Arizona, I can assure you that Arizona’s SB 1070 is long overdue as something has to be done about our southern border. I completely support the law.

By the way, since our U.S. Attorney General hasn’t even bothered to read the law before criticizing it, I wonder if Messrs. LaDue or Miller have read it either. For that matter, I wonder if anyone at the Sky-Hi News has taken the time to read the bill.

If any of you have actually read the law, I’m sure you noticed that it closely mirrors the federal Immigration statutes, but is not as broad and affords more protection to suspects than do said federal laws. We are a sovereign nation, much to the consternation of liberals, and have a right to decide who gets in and who doesn’t.

Finally, I wonder if you have the courage to print this. Just in case you don’t, I’m sending copies of it to a few dozen Grand County residents just in case they are as tired of your liberal slant on everything as I am.

Iles Winder

Grand Lake and Tucson, Ariz.

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