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‘No agenda’: Granby gets new town trustee

Local resident Nick Raible was sworn in as the newest member of the Granby Town Board earlier this summer after the resignation of former trustee Jane Harmon in early June.

Raible, who ran for trustee in the spring of 2016 but was not elected, was selected to replace Harmon under the town’s trustee replacement policy, which dictates vacated seats on the board be offered initially to any individuals who ran for town trustee in the most recent election but did not win a seat. Specifically, vacated seats are offered in corresponding order to vote tallies with the candidate who received the most votes, but was not elected, receiving the offer first.

In the 2016 municipal election for Granby, Raible was that candidate and was offered Harmon’s seat after Harmon announced she would be leaving Granby to take a new job in Loveland.

Raible, originally from Pasadena Calif., said he enters local government “with no specific agenda”.

“I think right now is a very exciting time to be a trustee,” Raible said. “There are lots of things happening in town. I got put on the recreation committee, which is right up my alley. I want to help with the recreation projects going on in town.

“I should also say I live in Granby Ranch. We haven’t had any representation before so I would like to represent the people who live in Granby Ranch.”

Raible has owned property in Granby for almost a decade and moved to the community full-time in 2013. Though he might have been a California native by birth, he has lived in small communities throughout the Colorado high country for decades including nearby Steamboat Springs and Summit County.

Raible serves as the director of sales for a medical device company based out of Seattle and operates his own small business with his wife and sons making medical training dolls.

In Raible’s view, Granby’s greatest strengths are the recreational amenities in the area.

“I keep going back to recreation,” Raible said. “There are so many things to do. How many communities have two golf courses and a ski area within town limits? We have lots of cross country skiing, fishing and hunting. It is like our new tagline says: Adventure Awaits.”

While Raible was optimistic about Granby’s future he noted one particular area of challenge: commerce in downtown Granby along Agate Avenue. He highlighted the need to focus on strategies for enticing consumers to stop in Granby, rather than drive through the community.

Raible, whose position as an appointed trustee lasts only until the next election, said he plans to run for a seat on the Board during the next voting cycle.

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