Norm Benson: Don’t listen to campaign ads |

Norm Benson: Don’t listen to campaign ads

To the Editor:

A long time ago I read a bumper sticker that said, “Don’t vote, it just encourages them.”

Last week I received some political campaign literature, and usually I pitch it without further thought. For some reason I opened the one from Rocky Mountain Gun Owners. In my opinion, I have long believed that they are a crackpot group that either are way right-wingers, or they are a tool of the way left liberal anti-gun lobby.

Either way, please do not take any of the crap in any of the campaign ads and try to use it to decide on your best candidate.

If you don’t know the candidates, take time to research them in other ways. The candidates that have been in office have a voting record that can be looked up online. Newcomers to elected politics are a lot harder to decide on. Sometimes you have to guess.

This primary has two Republicans going for the District 8 state Senate seat. I wish that there was only one. I don’t know if there is a Democrat running or not. They won’t get my vote anyway.

I am going to vote for Jean White for a host of reasons, mainly because I have known the Whites since the ’70s. I know that Jean will do what she thinks is right, and not what may be popular, but wrong.

Some of the crap I’ve seen and heard about both candidates is just pure lies and deliberately ignorant horse poop. Ignore the campaign ads, the political literature, and the gossip and make an honest, informed decision.

If Randy Baumgardner gets the nomination, I can be happy with that too. I truly believe that Randy is personally honest, and also votes his mind.

A much more important goal is to keep as many Democrats out of any public office as possible. This is one election that will have long and potentially devastating consequences for the United States if Obama and his gang get re-elected.

Norm Benson