Norm Benson: Get ready for more restrictions on BLM land |

Norm Benson: Get ready for more restrictions on BLM land

To the Editor:About three weeks ago I sent a letter about the road and trail closings by the U.S. Forest Service. Recently, I attended an “informational meeting” put on by the Bureau of Land Management. When I got there I discovered that the BLM is using a new tactic. Instead of the usual format of “information” dissemination and then a Q&A or comment session, they have different sections set up. This makes it impossible to make your case.What I did come away with is one inescapable conclusion: All users of BLM land are going to find many more restrictions.No matter if you raft, hunt, fish, ATV or anything else, look for more gates, more “decommissioned trails,” more restrictions on everything.It is my opinion that the decisions have already come down from Washington (Ken Salazar) and nothing we say will do a bit of good.Public agencies have forgotten that all U.S. taxpayers have a stake in the management of said “public” lands. Public lands were set up for the use of ALL the citizens of the Untied States, not just a few mega-buck enviro-bigots or the United Nations.Any laws, or regulations only have to pass one test: Will they be constitutional in the United States.We are citizens of the United States and are not subjects OF or TO any other country or organization. No matter what your politics are, never forget that one fact.Norm BensonFraser

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