Norm Benson: Obama running nation into ground |

Norm Benson: Obama running nation into ground

To the Editor:

I hope to put in 2 cents worth on Merrit Linke’s letter: If the situation with Obama was only stupidity with financial matters, I might agree with him.

The problem is that Obama wants to destroy this country. Obama and the people that he holds as heroes, the type people that he surrounds himself with, all have a desire to destroy this great country. He makes no apologies for his beliefs.

One thing that I do not believe about Obama is that he is stupid. He knows exactly what he wants to do, how to do it, and he has a pretty good idea of how long it is going to take. He knows that it will take some time, that there will be some push back, and some setbacks. Frankly, I’m amazed how fast we (the people) are rolling over.

These people think that they are some how better to run our lives, that they have some kind of special insight. Well, a few examples of that include Hitler, Stalin, Mao, Saddam Hussein, and Khaddafi.

Our founding fathers knew that if “The Government” got out of, and stayed out of, the average person’s way, that great things could happen. Some of the Founders worried that the “Government” would eventually get the idea that it was the “BOSS” of all the people and forget that “The People” are the “BOSS” of the “Government.” I believe they thought they had done that. Problem is, they never heard of the ACLU or other socialist organizations.

Three institutions that the Democrats have virtually total control of are:

• The so-called “Press.” If the “Press” had done its job and properly vetted Obama, he never would have been able to run for president. Instead they cheerlead and cover for him, and sweep things like “Fast and Furious” under the rug,

• The schools. For decades, at all levels, the public schools have indoctrinated the future of this country with the supposed utopia of socialism.

• The “Government” unions. A “Government” union strikes me as the biggest slap in the face of all the real (non-government) producers. Even President Franklin Roosevelt wouldn’t let “government” workers unionize.

To sum it up, Thanks to the “Press” the “Republicans” are fielding another “Dream (nightmare) Team field of wussy “moderate” losers that can’t or won’t go after the real problem – Obama and the socialist democrat machine.

Norm Benson


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