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Obama fans: Is this the ‘Change and Hope’ you voted for?

To the Editor:

To fans of Barak Hussein Obama: Unemployment is 9.6 percent (highest in 26 years). The stock market floundering (it has no clue what the administration is doing). Obama has taken over our largest banks, Chrysler, General Motors and is working on other large corporations. Labor unions have been handed over to the auto industry on a silver platter.

Some $2 trillion of personal wealth disappeared in first quarter of 2009 alone. Billions of dollars of TARP money is unaccounted for (where’s the promised transparency?). About $9 trillion in deficit spending is scheduled for the next two years (greater than the deficit of all previous presidents combined).

The private sector is losing 6,000 jobs per day while government jobs are increasing daily. We’re ready to bail out the state of California after decades of liberal spending. Thank you Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reed and Obama – this is your economy, no one else’s. To you Obama fans, is this the “Change and Hope” you voted for?

Bob Gahan

Grand Lake

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