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Obama has done nothing but divide this nation

To the Editor:

Barak Obama, The Divider – He campaigned as “The Great Uniter,” as a “hope and change” guy. He’s anything but…

He shoved a health care reform bill down the throats of Americans who by a large majority didn’t want. (A plan, by the way, that exempts our congressmen and women and their employees from having to take part in.)

Over 40 State legislatures have authorized their attorneys general to file 10th Amendment (state sovereignty rights) lawsuits against Obama and this bill – on the day he signed the bill two state suits were already filed.

Over this single issue alone the country is more divided then it ever has been in my lifetime. Not one Republican voted for this bill (neither did 35 Democrats) – leaving Congress more divided then it has ever been. On the foreign policy scene: Our relationship with Russia is more strained now than it has been since the Cold War. Iran is closer than ever to nuclear weapons, and they are laughing in the face of Obama. Israel, our strongest Mid East ally, has openly stated that their relationship with American is at a 35-year low. The French President has shown open dislike and contempt for our President. I will admit that Hugo Chavez of Venezuela has not attacked Obama, if that makes you feel better.

Then of course there is the Congressional Black Caucus that is demanding more legislation for the African-American community, further widening the racial gap. Coming soon is illegal immigration legislation that will grant amnesty to 15 million illegals – which will widen that racial gap as well.

Where does this president stop? We must stop him and this liberal Congress at the ballot box both this year and in 2012. We simply cannot afford to keep these people in power – our great country is near bankruptcy now.

Stay focused on what this country stands for: Individual liberty and justice for all, NOT just for the few elite in Congress, but us, the American citizens. I’m not just talking about our country … I’m also talking about the state of Hawaii – itself falling further and further into a financial abyss.

Bob Gahan

Grand Lake

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