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Obama is steering us down the road of socialism

To the Editor:

Obama’s band of merry men who were going to take from the rich are now about to abolish the middle class with more taxes. The tax that has been mentioned is the VAT tax and that, my friends, amounts to tax on everything – in other words, a national sales tax.

Obama wants to redistribute the wealth and create a socialist nation with national health care taking the lead. The

Obama administration wants a single-payer system, which translates into government-run health care. As Rep. Barney Frank, D-Mass., put it, we will slide into it.

Felicia Muftic tells you that the GOP is trying fearmongering tactics – the fact is they are telling the truth. Our esteemed representatives don’t care what their constituency thinks because they feel they know better.

Obama will tell you we are recovering and the economy is righting itself because of his stimulus package. The sad fact is that the job market is dismal and getting worse, we are nearing 10 percent unemployment. The Wall street that he so arrogantly blamed for our woes is gaining and he is taking

credit for that. The reason businesses are doing better is because there are fewer of them and they have been pared down leaving many in unemployment lines.

Citizens of the United States better wake up, or we will find ourselves ruled by a socialist oligarchy and it will be far too late to do anything about it.

Ed Saltzman

Grand Lake