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Obama is the president we need for change

To the Editor:

Why I Support Barack Obama for President:

I support Senator Barack Obama for president because he has a vision for our future and the leadership to implement it.

Barack Obama surrounds himself with knowledgeable experts and he isn’t afraid to hear all views before making a decision. He will unite us under one flag and make decisions based on what is good for all Americans.

We have lost our moral compass. America is not about torture, pre-emptive wars, corporate bias and uneven tax burdens. Right now, the top 1 percent enjoy most of the wealth and pay only a fraction of the tax burden. Greed has been unjustly rewarded, these practices will end under an Obama presidency.

We need some real leadership to get us through the hard years that many are predicting for our future. Barack Obama, given a chance, will show all he is capable of doing for America. Just electing him will elevate our world standing and quell some of the fears driving the world economy right now. He will create jobs and tap into good old American ingenuity.

Alternative energy has been very effectively suppressed over my lifetime in favor of oil and other fossil fuels. We may be pleasantly surprised to find all that already exists out here, if only encouraged and supported. Barack Obama wants to help us create a whole new energy industry and unlimited opportunity for clever Americans to both use here and export, all while promoting a cleaner environment.

I believe in America, but we must support American ingenuity for it to prosper. It’s time for a change. Give Barrack Obama a chance to be the leader we need. The time is now. Vote for America’s bright future, Vote Obama.

Gail Brooks

Grand Lake