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Obama will help restore America’s tarnished reputation

To the Editor:

In response to Ed Saltzman’s letter from Thur, July 31, 2008 I have just two questions:

Did you really mean to say America has not lost status in the World? What world are you living in?

I like the fact that we are audacious. The “Audacity of Hope” is something to embrace.

Senator Obama is, just like the Kennedy brothers before him, a true American leader. He does not have to tear down the other guy to raise himself up. He would not want me to point out the daily discrepancies in the McCain campaign, so I will not. In drastic contrast to Senator McCain, Senator Obama is about these things:

– Getting out of Iraq responsibly.

– Re-establishing our world status by talking and listening to

world leaders and by re-establishing our moral compass.

– Affordable health care for all Americans.

– College education opportunities for all who want them.

– Creating new job opportunities by facilitating the development of alternative energy and by harnessing the ingenuity of farmers and scientists to free this nation from the tyranny of oil, once and for all, and helping to heal our planet in the process.

– Ending the stranglehold on our government by the corporate lobbyists.

– Bringing Americans of all colors, all religions, all political affiliations, to come together to face the ever increasing challenges of our time.

Senator Obama is putting himself out there, not for himself, but for us, for our country. It is hard to imagine a person serving his country, for the love of his country, after the example we have had for the past eight years in how to misuse your country.

America can be strong once again but we have to be brave enough to embrace the opportunity that is before us.

Gail Brooks

Precinct Captain, Precinct 1

Barack Obama for President

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