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On the Road Again

by Cyndi McCoy
Special to Sky-Hi News

Slopeside Productions and producer/musician Teresa “Tree” Hill are excited to present the second volume of local music compilation “This Side of Berthoud.”

The CD is set to hit the road with a release party scheduled at 6 p.m. Saturday, May 21 at Brickhouse 40 in Granby. The event rounds out the town’s fun-filled Earth Day celebration scheduled in Polhamus Park.

This past spring, with thumb stuck out pointing toward Granby, Bradley Hilton anxiously awaited a ride home after a day of snowboarding. As he stood there at the north edge of Fraser, his mind wandered back to a book he had been reading: Jack Kerouac’s “On the Road.”

His musical ambitions had begun in Grand County, and like Kerouac, Hilton saw the road before him, U.S. Highway 40, as “an anywhere road for anybody anyhow.” He waited, taking in the inspirational panorama around him, perhaps “lean(ing) forward to the next crazy venture beneath the skies.”

Before long, a fellow traveler pulled to the side and offered Hilton a ride. It would be a chance meeting that would prove most beneficial in both their journeys.

Jed Henry of folk/punk band The Bailouts was pedal to the metal (as usual) heading northwest on that paved main vein which pumps wayfarers through Grand County. His mind raced around getting to Harry Lemons for work on time, and finding a place to record his band’s explosive new song “She’s A Pipe Bomb, I’m a Match.”

Henry’s boss had mistakenly taken the key to Harry Lemons, where Henry tended bar, home with him the night before and Henry was on his way to pick it up. The side trip just happened to lead Henry exactly where Hilton was headed.

Hilton, formerly of band Fat Amber which would contribute “Out of this Place” for the album, was up visiting his old stomping grounds. Small talk swerved into thoughtful exchange and the two, both blossoming musicians, discovered they had a lot in common.

As luck would have it Hilton was studying mastering and recording at a school in Denver. The stranger, who would quickly become his friend, knew a couple of buddies who could help him record The Bailouts’ new song, and they also had the know-how to master the entire album for Slopeside Productions.

While the rest of Grand County’s finest musicians began tuning their latest and greatest, the wheels began turning for graphic artist Hill, musician on the album and its producer.

Inspired by Henry’s story of that fateful day when Hilton’s path crossed his, Hill immediately steered toward artist Chris Dyer for the album cover. She had picked up his work for several different personal projects and it just so happened one work in particular, that she hadn’t had a chance to use would be perfect.

With five seconds to spare, the album, which now graces a vibrant hitchhiker underneath a blue sky, features more than 20 songs by local musicians and bands. The impressive list includes Hill, Gary Key, Ali Grayson, Adam Lynam, Robbie Gonzales, Mary Hemme, Scott Torello, Simon Nicol, NectaFlow, Steve Cormey, Bob Ramsey, Brad Pregeant and Lynnea Godfriaux, Stereomaid, Hunker Down, Hippie’s Sideshow Hootenanny, Wonderdrug, Conscious Koma, and Claddagh.

Those unable to attend the Earth Day finale show are able to get copies of the album (for a mere $10) directly from featured musicians or participating retailers (Radio Shack, Seven Sisters, Mountain Grind, Second Hand Grand, Brickhouse 40, and more to be listed at http://www.thissideofberthoud.com.