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‘On time, on budget’ will not happen

On time and on budget for the recreation center is something touted by the opponents of the recall.

Nothing in that regard will change because of the recall. The construction is not going to stop and construction people on the job are not going to lose their jobs because of the recall.

The problem with the “on time on budget” statement is that it will not happen. On time, we will not be getting 100 percent of what we promised prior to the election and what the plans that were accepted by the Board showed. (Yes, I know there is a second swimming pool.)

Already, out bond money and other money available to the project is not enough. The project manager and staff are scrambling to figure out what else can be cut or delayed.

Most recenly, that I am aware of, is a request to the Fraser Planning Commission to return the FVMRD surety money for landscaping and a request for approval of a revised, very reduced landscaping plan.

So, the on time and the raised bar of under budget as put forth by the board member at the public forum was, at best, ambitious.

Melanie Zwick

Winter Park

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