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Opinion | Letter: ‘Crisis’ of our southern border

Reflecting on the president’s address to the Nation on Jan. 8, this is a letter to Senator Cory Gardner:

Trump’s “crisis” of our southern border is contrived and costly. I am happy to hear that you, along with two other Republican senators, have taken a stance that Trump’s shutdown must end. Open the government and then intelligently discuss the remedies (some of which are bipartisan) to our immigration issues on the Mexican border.

Trump’s rhetoric, laced with half-truths and lies, are motivated to appeal to a handful of commentators on Fox News, as well as Trump’s “base” (a minority of Americans who behave like lemmings and cult followers).

I am pleased that you and other Republican leaders have finally decided that Trump is wrong.

I now urge you to persuade additional Republican colleagues to follow your lead. Trump is hurting hundreds of thousands of Americans in order not to lose face with his “base;” as well as Fox & Friends. Unlike him, I urge you to represent what is good for all Americans, not Trump’s “base.”

Thank you.

Ronald Fischer, Fraser

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