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Opinion | Letter: To Sen. Gardner

To the editor:

Senator Gardner,

On Friday, Oct. 5, you showed us how little bravery you really have in voting for the advancement of Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court.

Your reason for doing so is self-serving and self-centered. This nomination involves far more than just the individuals involved. Seating Judge Kavanaugh on the Supreme Court will diminish the Court’s status, make it a partisan tool and weaken the judicial system of our country.

You made your decision based on political expediency, what was least courageous and without much concern for what is best for the country.

In doing so, you lacked the courage to break from Trump and your affiliated party and to vote on principles. At least there was one Republican senator who had the backbone to do what you didn’t do — the right thing. You could learn something from her.

You have lost my respect and my vote.

Ronald Fischer, Fraser

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