Autumn Phillips: Submit to our new "Faces and Places" page |

Autumn Phillips: Submit to our new "Faces and Places" page

Autumn Phillips: From the Editor

Putting together a newspaper is like fitting a puzzle. Find articles of certain lengths and photos of a certain size to fill appropriate holes on the page. Correspond the order of those perfectly sized articles to the interest level of the readers.

Make sure the articles are long enough so that they answer all the necessary questions, but short enough that they hold reader attention.

But as the pieces slide around before falling into place, some things are inevitably shuffled right out of the equation.

Some of what doesn’t make the cut, unfortunately, are those things that make this feel like a community newspaper ” pictures of kids on their birthdays, ribbon cuttings of new businesses, images from fundraisers and hay rides.

I try to squeeze those things into various nooks of the paper, like the top of the Community Calendar page when there’s room.

This constant juggling and dropping of community photos has prompted us to launch a new weekly page in the paper.

The first edition will print on Tuesday and on every Tuesday thereafter on page 5. We will publish any and all photos that you would like to see in the paper. We’re calling it “Faces and Places.”

This page is a blank slate that we set aside once a week to be filled by you.

Send us photos of your pets, of your personal milestones, your service projects and fundraisers, your business openings, and anything else of interest.

We will publish the page in print and also put together a weekly “Faces and Places” photo slideshow on our Web site,, much like the week in review photo slideshow we post online every Tuesday.

Send Faces and Places submissions to Be sure to include any information you would like included under the photo.