Cathy Walton-Smith: Take Fourth of July off, unless you have to work |

Cathy Walton-Smith: Take Fourth of July off, unless you have to work

Cathy Walton-Smith
View from the Lake

How great is it to have the Fourth of July on Friday?

I give everyone the day off ” except for those of you who work in a store ” and those who work in a restaurant ” and all you real estate agents ” and motel employees ” and the chamber of commerce ” and local musicians ” well, OK, a lot of us will be working ” but the rest of you can have the day off. Have a picnic.

It wouldn’t be a picnic without potato salad.

This is your chance to be an artist in the kitchen. We all know how to make potato salad with hard boiled eggs, onion, celery and potatoes. But potato salad can be so much more. I like to make “Clean-out-the-refrigerator Potato Salad.” In addition to the above items, throw in a little of whatever you have around ” like any of the following: dill pickles, sweet pickles, fried up bacon, apples, avocado, nuts, raisins or craisins, carrots, broccoli, tomatoes, pepperoni, cheese, radishes ” you get the idea.

For the dressing, you can go with the usual mayonnaise and mustard, but don’t be afraid to go wild with a little hot sauce, bottled dressing, pickle juice or sour cream. Be sure to salt and pepper generously, top off with a sprinkling of paprika, and everyone will want your recipe.

The Grand Lake Fireworks on July 4 promise to be spectacular. Find yourself a good spot by the lake for a double show on the reflection. The show starts at 9:45 p.m. when it is officially dark. Be sure to bundle up. No matter how warm it is during the day, you’re going to need a jacket or blanket for the fireworks. Remember to donate generously to the folks collecting at the stop sign ” somebody’s got to pay for it.

On July 4 from 2 to 4 p.m., Grand Lake Cabin Owner Nancy Larner, artist and author, will be signing her new book “A Mouse in the Rabbi’s Study” at the Grand Lake Art Gallery. This is a charming tale of a mouse who spends the winter in a Synagogue.

Keep your eye on the corner lot next to the bowling alley. I hear that Rocky Mountain Repertory Theatre has something in store for us the afternoon of July 11. I did hear a rumor about Tempa and the Tantrums. Don’t know any more.

Our friend Moby is back in town. With guitar in hand, he’s a singer/storyteller that adds a particular local humor to everything. Catch him at breakfast at the Fat Cat Cafe every Wednesday through Sunday, and occasional Friday nights on the Waconda patio.

Stop in and check out the new Grand Lake Home Improvement center on Hwy 34. You’ll recognize it by all the willow furniture in the lot ” be sure and ask about the tree chairs. They’re open every day with all kinds of cool stuff like clocks, fountains, bird baths, yard art, and even a special red neck corner. Mikeleen is there most every day to show off carpeting, stone and porcelin tile, and hardwood and beetle-kill flooring (so beautiful).

This Saturday, July 5, the Rocky Mountain Repertory Theatre opens its third show for the summer ” “Big: The Musical.” Based on the 1987 hit movie featuring Tom Hanks, it tells the tale of 12-year-old Josh Baskin, a frustrated by who finds a mysterious arcade machine, makes a wish, and suddenly finds himself in a adult’s body ” but still that same kid inside. Fun for the whole family! Purchase tickets at the box office in Town Park, or call (970) 627-3421.

Caroline’s Cuisine will be celebrating Bastille Day (French independence) in its usual style on Monday, July 14. Reservations are recommended for this fun night where all our local French friends gather for music, French food, and, of course, the local Can-Can Dancers. Call them at (970) 627-9404.

Through Aug. 9, Karen Norberg is hosting art classes at her cabin on Park Avenue (the street behind the Lariat Saloon), look for the sign. No signing up is necessary, but you might want to come early to get situated. Classes are every Thursday, Friday and Saturday with kids arts and crafts from 10 a.m. to noon ($10) and adult classes in watercolor, acrylic and oil from 1-5 p.m. ($55). All supplies are included and drop-ins are welcome. For more info call Karen Norberg at (941) 623-3720.

Have a spectacular Fourth of July.