Cyndi Palmer: On big stars and bigger hearts |

Cyndi Palmer: On big stars and bigger hearts

Cyndi Palmer
A Face in the Crowd

So many things, so little time left this summer.

The talent that abounds in Grand County almost necessitates a personal assistant to keep one in the know and on the go. It’s too bad a PDA (personal digital assistant) can’t chauffeur you around, too.

If you didn’t take the Pub up on the equal opportunity to see the E.O.E. band for free last Saturday, don’t miss the chance this Sunday afternoon. The band, whose name means Equal Opportunity Employment, has a repertoire spanning at least four different genres (jazz, hip-hop, Latin and reggae), tunes that inspire listeners to get down with their groovy selves, and they’re kind-hearted, sincere guys to boot. Best wishes to their M.C. Koan who had emergency eye surgery on the day of the show. Last week’s performance included cameos with local guitarists Tom Camillo and Chris Williamson and there’s no telling what surprises will be in store for the audience on Sunday.

Motorhome really packed ’em in at the Pub Saturday night and manager Jeff “The Candleman” hopes to bring those guys back again soon. If you’ve got a venue that would compliment the alternative country band from Fort Collins, let me know and I’d be more than happy to connect you. They’ve got an outstanding mandolin player, some rockin’ guitarists, and a drummer that’s out of this world.

Whether you have the adventurous energy to go out every night or like to pick one or two weekly events, these upcoming days are interlaced with top-notch inspiration sure to touch your soul. Make sure to mark your calendars for Saturday and Sunday’s Western Weekend in Grand Lake (with lots of locals set to play in the park for free – Hunker Down kicks it all off), E.O.E.’s free concert Sunday, free Moses Guest performance Monday at the Pub, free Oly concert at Hideaway Park Tuesday (he just might showcase some new stuff for the Stereomaid album he’s putting together this year), Hunker Down getting nitty gritty tonight at Cooper Creek Square and as the featured Tuesday Night in the Park performance in Fraser July 24 (I heard local musician Yaniv Salzberg will be laying the bassline for the new CD they’re working on right now), and The Wake Coffee Shop’s lakeside sci-fi feature next Wednesday of “War of the Worlds” should attract a huge crowd.

Other big-ticket items to keep an eye out for include the Ribbons of Hope 2008 Campaign, highlighting “A Song of Hope and Inspiration” CD and merchandise featuring local musicians. It showcases the gracious hearts of Steve Cormey and Peggy Mann who wrote song “Ribbons of Hope” for the Relay for Life Grand Lake team last year, and local New Orleans-style jazz pianist Brad Pregeant who helped put the CD project together. A portion of the proceeds goes to the Breast Cancer Resource Center and the Grand County Library District.

Excitement is already spreading for the return of Tab Benoit’s Voice of the Wetlands benefit. The well-known New Orleans musician returns to see all of his friends here for his fourth benefit concert and Tab Benoit Classic golf tournament Aug. 22.

Food for thought:

“She lays her beams in music,

In music every ore,

To the cadence of the whirling world

Which dances ’round the sun –

That so they shall not be displaced

By lapses or by wars,

But for the love of happy souls

Out live the newest stars”

– From “The House” by Ralph Waldo Emerson.