Day – Be an ambassador, even on the slopes |

Day – Be an ambassador, even on the slopes

Janet Day/ Talk of the Valley

Smile! It’s Good for Business: A recent blog post by a frequent Steamboat skier has led to some interesting conversation among friends and co-workers.The writer, who is spending a year blogging about people he meets on chairlifts, decided to spend at day at Winter Park Resort and went home to observe that guests on lifts here are, for the most part, dour. He ran into plenty of people from the Denver metro area or Colorado Springs, and with the exception of three eight-year-old kids, none seemed to be having any fun. This perplexed the writer as it apparently was a decent day in terms of weather and snow conditions.A few people I spoke with pooh-poohed his comments, defensively thinking the writer was dissing Winter Park. Others, including me, pretty much agreed with him. The smiles and chatter and laughter I encounter on chairlifts come almost exclusively from overseas visitors and some from out of state who are just here to have fun. To generalize even more, most Front Range visitors and some locals just sit sullenly, lost in their i-pod enhanced thoughts until the chair reaches the top.We’re all ambassadors for the ski area and the county and thus I suggest that we, as locals, do more to engage guests and do what we can to help them have fun. A friendly face, a smile or laugh, and encouragement are more important than ever as our snowpack dwindles to scary levels.You can read the blog post that started this discussion by going to then look for the entry from Tuesday, Jan. 12.No one, it seems, knows the importance of a smile like Sherry Kent. She lost her commercial kitchen in the Frontier Motel fire last week, but still starts every day with a cheery thought and silly, smile-inducing contest for customers of her Drive-By Pie in Granby. She’s found another kitchen to use for her Showboat Catering operations as well as the breakfast/lunch spot.If animals, especially dogs or cats, make you smile, Grand County Pet Pals could use your help during the Grand Park Dog Days of Winter celebration on Sat, Jan. 23. The event includes dog sled races, agility shows, skijoring clinics and a Pet Pals Romp & Stomp.Volunteers are needed to staff the Pet Pals booth that Saturday from 9 a.m. until 4:30 p.m. in three 2 _-hour shifts with two volunteers working per shift to hand out brochures and sell books and other items. Six volunteers are needed to help with registration, hand out beverages and handle dogs during the Romp and Stomp from noon until 4 p.m.If you’re more of a cat person, the animal shelter in Granby could use your help grooming the six long-haired cats they currently have. Give the shelter a call at 970.887.2988 to volunteer.The new recreation center is putting smiles on a lot of faces. Friends who I thought would never take a fitness class are doing so and parents with hard-to-entertain kids are suddenly finding free time. If you haven’t taken a tour of the facility yet, the Fraser Valley Metropolitan Recreation District is celebrating a Grand Opening on Sat., Jan. 23 with a $3 entry fee, lemonade, cookies and class demonstrations.Keep in Touch: What’s got your attention around the area? Let me know. I’ll try to find the answer or spread the news. Send it all to Follow me and local tidbits at or