Eric Murray " Kremmling presentation will address diabetes and diet |

Eric Murray " Kremmling presentation will address diabetes and diet

Eric Murray / Voice of Your Hospital
Kremmling, Colorado

I had very little understanding of diabetes until my mother in-law, who has type 2, moved in. It was then that I began to educate myself on what foods to purchase at the grocery store, how to cook them and when.

It’s a complicated puzzle that involves watching contents closely as well as monitoring blood sugar levels. I had many questions.

Carbohydrates, proteins and fats are all necessary parts of a healthy diet but what are the proper amounts for diabetics? What are healthy carbs and what are healthy fats? I had questions about diabetes nutrition and I believe there are many out there who do as well.

Fortunately those in Grand County have an opportunity to get some answers on Wednesday, May 6, when Jenny Thomsen, a registered dietitian from Yampa Valley Medical Center, comes to Kremmling Memorial Hospital to talk about nutrition management of diabetes.

People with diabetes have to think about every bite of food they take and everything they drink. Fruits and vegetables are healthy, yet these foods have an effect on blood glucose (sugar) levels. Carbohydrates give the energy needed to get through the day, but they also make blood glucose levels go up.

“Making proper food choices, along with monitoring blood glucose and blood fat levels, taking medications and exercising, are all part of the important balancing act called diabetes management,” says Thomsen.

“The important thing is to make healthy choices and enjoy what you eat,” she says. “Stick with something that works and will continue to work for a lifetime.”

Thomsen will talk about portions, calories, healthy choices for diet and menu. Most importantly, she will answer all those questions about nutrition and diabetes management. To register call (970) 870-1106.