Grand County Library District opens its doors to use of public space |

Grand County Library District opens its doors to use of public space

Free space.

In these days of high rent and limited public facilities in Grand County, there’s some relief, thanks to the Grand County Library District.

Relief, that is for non-profits, for-profits and certain entities that need some meeting space in Granby, Kremmling or the Fraser Valley.

Those are the three Grand County Library District libraries where meeting space has been made available for the public to use under a recently liberalized policy.

In the past, only the libraries and other non-profits were eligible to use the free meeting spaces @ Your Library. That’s now changed.

“The Grand County Library District Board has recently made a change,” said Anna Winkel, Public Services Coordinator for the Grand County Library District. “I just want to make sure to let the business community know it’s invited to use the public meeting spaces.”

There are three meeting spaces at libraries in the District. In Granby the new facility can accommodate up to 60 people, while in Fraser the capacity is 54 and in Kremmling it’s 25. All of the rooms have equipment such as chairs, tables, white boards, a data projector and television, etc., available for use with the room.

“Even more organizations can use the meeting spaces at the libraries, including businesses, and fundraisers,” Winkel said of the new policy. “We want everyone in the community to think of these spaces when they need a nice place to gather. It’s really a big part of libraries: Encouraging discussion, sharing ideas, and building community.”

Winkel said the decision to open up the use of the public meeting spaces to a broader range of uses was based on public input.

“In the past our policy was that we restricted use to non-profit organizations and for library functions only,” she said. “And when we built the new library and we had this great room in Granby we had a business come to us – a local business – and they asked us if they could use this space for training purposes for their employees. And that went to the board and it granted a variance for that instance.”

But that got the wheels rolling, she said. The board changed the policy to allow for-profit organizations to use the room for anything like a training session, an information seminar or a sales presentation.

In other words, the library district opened its doors even wider for the business community in Grand County.

There are, of course, some conditions that must be met. The use of the rooms is free, but a deposit is required. The rooms can be booked up to two months in advance. The rooms are available to community groups provided the rooms are not scheduled for Library programs or events.

Meeting room space is available to the community on an “equitable basis regardless of the belief or affiliations of the individuals or groups requesting the space.” (Library Bill of Rights, Article 6)

Permission to use meeting rooms does not constitute an endorsement by the Library of the group’s policies or beliefs. The Library reserves the right to cancel or refuse use at any time.

There are guidelines that must be followed when using the rooms. For example, publicity must include the name of the organization and a contact person and first time users must schedule an appointment for a walk-through with library staff.

The library is not responsible for setting up furniture and it will not provide storage for equipment or materials for groups using the room. No smoking or alcoholic beverages are allowed.

There are also limitations on noise levels and children.

Free use of business space for non-profits, business and other entities, all @ Your Library. Call the nearest branch for details or go to