Inell Harvey: Summer residents arrive – more people, more fun |

Inell Harvey: Summer residents arrive – more people, more fun

Inell Harvey
Heeney Hearsay

Summer weather has begun. The changes that are coming about on these lovely days are invigorating, to say the least.

The early morning sun and the fresh buds with dewdrops in their eyes, with richly fragrant balmy breezes waltzing over the beautiful blue above is breathtaking to behold.

Green Mouuntain Reservoir is now rising at the rate of one foot a day. Last year, the lake was full before the regular date of the Fourth of July. With all the snow melting, it may be filled again this year before the July 4.

May is Older American’s month. The theme is ‘”Engage your future: Planning for the second half of life.”

Mark Heiland, and many of the Heiland family from Denver, spent the long Memorial Day weekend in their Heeney home.

Sympathies are with the Flannigan family. Michael Flannigan’s baby girl passed away last week.

Since Monday was Memorial Day observance day, Shelly Cecil did not prepare a lunch at the Silver Spruce dining room in Kremmling.

Former Heeney resident Greg Elston is visiting friends in the Heeney area. He is camping at the Elliott Creek Campground. Greg enjoyed visiting with many oldtime friends at the Heeney party Saturday night. His present residence is in Bellingham, Wash. Welcome back, Greg, and we hope you are enjoying your visit here.

Nothing is more gratifying than planting seeds and measuring the results. The spat of showers helps soften the earth for weeding a bit, and the collage of colors is lovely as the scents fill the air.

A diet is something you keep putting off while you keep putting on.

Mike and Brenda Sherman took Mike’s mother, Jeneva Sherman, to dinner in a Kremmling restaurant last Sunday after church.

Ron and Rosie O’Hotto and Lloyd and Edna Palmer attended the Friday potluck luncheon in the Kremmling fairgrounds extension hall.

The only way to look younger is to not be born so soon.

Happy birthdays to Faith Taussig, Cody Jones, and to Deb Wood today, and to Sarah Myers, Tyler Terryberry, Rynda Parrott, Amy Hester, Alden Lynd (in the Kremmling Memorial Hospital Nursing Home), Margaret Gilbert, Tammi Menhennett, Jenna Haynes, Dave Jones, Vernie Heeney, Bill Underbrink and to Kate Nunn.

The flower for June is the rose. Those born in June have the pearl as a birthstone. These lustrous concoctions are formed as the result of an irritant inside an oyster shell. Most pearls are creamy white or pink. They are considered a symbol of health.

Heeneyites appreciate Dave Spencer (Spence) who has a vacation home on the Cataract Road. Spencer brought three, large-framed pictures of Heeney and the area before the dam was built. He had three or four pictures mounted in each frame. These will be a wonderful added attraction to be hung in the Heeney Community Center and firehouse. Thanks much, Spence.

Inell’s granddaughter, Sierra Pyle, who resides in Cape Coral, Fla. and reads the Middle Park Times, will celebrate her birthday on May 30 with her husband, Brandon, and children Jaizah and Rorak.

Sympathies and prayers are with Tillie Gingery and the family. Tillie’s son passed away last week. Funeral services will be held at the Church of the Eternal Hills near Tabernash on Friday, May 30.

Gordon and Nicki Rister are in the process of building a two-car, heated garage on the alley side of their home on Grand Avenue in Kremmling. As Gordon is a woodworker, they are building the garage with plenty of room for him to have a workshop. Nicki is looking forwaed to having more room on her back porch when Gordon gets his woodworking tools moved out. She’ll probably just have it filled with house plants though.

“In America, any boy may become President and I suppose it’s just one of the risks he takes.” Adlai K. Stevenson

Margaret Burger’s sister, Carol Clark in Granby, had eye cancer surgery last week. The doctor reported that he had removed all the cancer and Carol is recuperating well at her home.

Don Scott was to have eye surgery in Denver on Wednesday. At this writing, yours truly has heard no results.

He who plants thorns must never expect to gather roses.

“A grudge is too heavy a load for anyone to carry.” Barbara Johnson

Joan Lee and Paul and Sontona Stevenson enjoyed a picnic outting after church Sunday. They explored campgrounds on the Colorado River between Parshall and Hot Sulphur Springs. They enjoyed visiting with a newly married couple from out of state, who were honeymooning in Colorado. The Stevensons and Joan Lee reside in Kremmling.

“One is often sorry for saying a harsh word, but will never regret saying a kind one.” Henry Longfellow

Happy wedding anniversaries to John and Sandra Almgren on June 2, and to Ken and Dana Young on June 3.

About 50 people enjoyed the Heeney party in the Heeney Community Center last week. There are some excellent cooks in the Heeney area. The potluck food was fabulous. If anyone didn’t have enough to eat, it was their own fault.

Jenny Elliott, Don Scott and Jack Taylor took turns winning Cribbage games. As more summer residents and weekenders arrive in the community, the parties are expected to get even bigger.

More people, more fun. Don’t miss the next party.

Lost ” somewhere between sunrise and sunset, two golden hours, each set with 60 diamond minutes. No reward is offered, for they are gone forever.

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