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Janet Day – A little warning about weed spraying would have been nice

Janet Day / Talk of the Valley
Fraser Valley, Colorado

Weed Watch: Grand County crews are out on noxious-weed spraying duty these days. Informational signs went up along the Fraser River Trail, which is great, but there were no similar postings in residential areas. I’ve seen trucks spraying in this end of the county only to be followed a little later by unsuspecting people walking dogs that run through the newly sprayed weeds or kids who pick handfuls of what to them are just flowers.

I’ve searched the county Web site and couldn’t find anything resembling a spraying schedule. I don’t object to the spraying – invasive weeds threaten to choke out native vegetation. But the use of the little yellow flags like lawn-care and tree-spraying companies post should be more consistent. In my neighborhoods, some roads had the herbicide flags stuck in the ground by driveways as spraying occurred, but some roads did not.

Wind Tunnel: I know I’ve said it before, mainly in the winter, but let me just repeat that I am so, so sick of the wind. Every day around noon, it seems, the winds start roaring, even with clear blue skies and no storms moving in. I figure it’s a consequence of the pine beetle infestation. – dead trees don’t block or filter the wind.

The trick is to find the beauty in what the pine beetle has wrought. My favorite piece at Friday’s Meet the Artist Reception at the FrameWerx Gallery in Winter Park was a small painting by Fran Cassidy. It portrayed a stand of dead or dying trees. But Cassidy’s use of browns and rust-tones for the dead trees among the greens of living trees with a distant mountain peeking through showed that our landscape remains beautiful.

Veggies Galore: The Fraser Farmer’s Market may be done for the season, but there’s plenty of produce still to be found at the Granby Farmer’s Market on Fridays starting at 3 p.m. Summer fruits and vegetables are at their peak; Morales Farms’ amazing spinach can still be had, and the first West Slope apples of autumn are appearing.

I was reminded of one of the best uses of veggies recently with another stop at the Cosmic Dog in Winter Park where the locally popular Carrot Dog of years past has been re-invented. A hotdog-sized carrot is grilled to al-dente then popped on a bun and covered in toppings just like a regular hotdog. Yum.

But what I’d really like to see on the cart’s menu is a non-dog: just pile the blue cheese, caramelized onions and mustard of the Cosmic topping option onto a bun and sell it to me as-is.

Reading, Relaxing: Looking for a good book to read or new author to discover? Check with the Bear Paw Inn book club, which has been bringing writers up here to talk about their work. Most recently, Innkeeper Susan Callahan hosted Wyoming author Craig Johnson, a past Edgar Award Winner. Johnson, whose fans include Colorado Gov. Bill Ritter, talked about The Dark Horse, the latest entry in his Walt Longmire series.

Next up for the group is Mike Madigan, a college friend of Sue’s (and a former co-worker of mine) who recently published the entertaining history of the Rocky Mountain News and will talk about it on Oct. 8.

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