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Janet Day: Arts Week full of wildlife " on canvas and ‘in person’

Janet Day
Talk of the Valley

El Sol. I’m not going to complain about the heat ” I like it ” but the sun is awfully intense without millions of Lodgepole Pines filtering its rays. It’s brutal in some areas where the beetle-infested trees were clear cut. And standing but dead trees don’t offer much shade. Remember to re-apply the sunscreen. I’m going through it like water this summer.

Where the Wild Things Are. Wildlife and art go together perfectly. Images of wild critters can be found in most galleries and arts shows, whether it’s a photo of foxes cavorting in the snow, a painting of a wolf or sculpture of a moose. Next weekend’s Alpine Art Affair in Winter Park gives you the best of both ” live artists and live birds of prey.

Hawkquest, based in Parker, will be bringing some of their magnificent birds to the arts show. The organization’s “feathered teachers,” as they like to call them, will be on hand. So, be prepared to get up close and personal with eagles, hawks, owls or falcons. Hawkquest’s participation in the arts event is being funded by the Grand Foundation.

As for the live artists, the Plein Air Artists in town for Arts Week will have a booth at Art Affair with afternoon demonstrations of what it’s like to paint outside, in all conditions, and get it right before the light changes.

For details about the arts festival, go to http://www.alpineartaffiar.com.

If you like the idea of being in one spot so old friends can come see you, volunteer to help the Grand County Historical Association by staffing its Art Affair booth for a couple hours. You never know when an old neighbor will wander over to say “hi” or a former spouse will walk by and ignore you.

More Art. If your taste in art runs toward anything ski related, anything funny or anything in which the women are all shaped like Barbie dolls, head over to the Winter Park FrameWerks in the Kings Crossing Center and take a look at the Giclee prints of Horace Button sketches. The sketches, from the 1940s, range from competitors to confused novices.

Button built a ski jump in Hot Sulphur Springs in 1911 and trained or financially supported legions of young athletes. One of them was Robert “Barney” Miller who went on to win three Olympic gold medals in ski jumping (1936) and alpine skiing (1940 and 1948). Button gave his sketches to McLean who has made them available for limited reproduction. Only 100 copies have been made of each sketch. All proceeds go to the Horace Button Ski Foundation, which uses its donations to make ski instruction, coaching and competing more affordable for Grand County children.

Details about the organization may be found at http://www.horacebutton.org.

Fresh Food. King’s Crossing seems to be the place to be this summer, especially on Sundays when a small outdoor market offers fresh breads, organic produce and meats, a variety of artwork and gorgeous flowers. The market is held every Sunday until 2 p.m. Just look for the tents next to the bus shelter.

It’s Hip to be Square. The Never Summer Squares, a Granby square dance club, is expecting more than 200 people to do-si-do at a special dance Friday to help celebrate Grand Lake’s Buffalo BBQ Days. The dance will be held at Grand Lake Elementary School from 7 to 9:30 p.m.

There will be a mainstream/plus dance and a round dance, which means someone calls out the moves and everyone on the dance floor performs the same thing. This is all foreign to me as the height of my dancing days ended somewhere in the 1970s when a glittery disco night full of Bee Gees left me with a twisted ankle.

The Never Summer Squares will also host a dance workshop at the elementary school from 2 until 4 p.m. on Saturday. And the group will dance on a float in the Buffalo BBQ Days parade on Sunday. Admission for the Friday dance is $7 and $3 for the Saturday workshop. For details, go to http://www.neversummersquares.com.

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