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Janet Day – Fraser Valley bears are becoming accustomed to human food

Janet Day / Talk of the Valley
Fraser Valley, Colorado

Wildlife Wariness: It’s mid-August, which means area wildlife are already getting ready for winter. And that means bears in the trash and moose wandering along the roadways.

Bears have been an issue in my neighborhood for as long as I’ve lived here. They get into trash bins at night and make a mess, scattering garbage along roadways or around dumpsters. For some reason, some people every year need to re-learn how to live in bear country:

∞ If your trash cans or Dumpsters have bars, hooks or locks on them, use them. If you’re unable to secure the bins in the dark at night, take your trash out during the day; don’t just drop the bags on the ground next to a trash bin.

∞ If your trash is picked up on Thursdays, don’t take your un-lockable bins to the road on Mondays, or even the night before, and leave them there for bears, foxes, magpies or dogs to get into.

∞ If you’re feeding birds, squirrels or pets outside, you’re also feeding bears. That leftover piece of toast or row of peanuts on the deck is a bear magnet. So is the low-hanging hummingbird feeder. And the dog dish.

∞ If you’re feeding yourself outside, you’re also attracting bears. All those charred burger remains stuck to the grill just invite bears to a barbecue. Give those ground-level grills a scrub when you’re done making dinner.

The more bears hang out in areas where they know there are food sources, the more accustomed to people they become. And that’s not a good thing. It’s not the bear’s fault; it’s ours. So please, keep our wildlife wild.

Wildfire Watch: The wildfire danger was on the rise last week, but the weekend’s cool, wet weather knocked things back down. Whew. With the wet early summer we now have grasses that are four feet or taller. Once they dry out, they’re nothing but a lot of low-lying fuel to get the beetle-kill trees lit.

Wild Lands: We live in an incredibly scenic area and have a county full of fabulous amateur photographers. Enjoy them both at the Middle Park Land Trust 13th Annual Purely Grand Photo Contest reception and quilt raffle drawing. Participating photographers will be honored, and their work made available for purchase on Aug. 28 from 4-7 p.m. at Country Home Outfitters and New Mountain Design Center in Granby. Appetizers and beverages will be supplied so that a hungry tummy doesn’t take you away from the art.

Art Enjoyment: Professional photographers, painters and other artists will demonstrate their talents and have art available for sale at the Framewerx Gallery’s annual Meet the Artist’s reception on Aug. 28. Join gallery owner Deb Lucero and more than a dozen artists who display their work at her shop in the King’s Crossing Center from 5:30 until 8pm. Appetizers will be provided by Azteca Family Mexican Restaurant, which is opening a second restaurant in the center. A cash wine bar also will be available from Winter Park Winery.

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