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Janet Day – Try Drive By dining, Granby-style

Janet Day / Talk of the Valley
Fraser Valley, Colorado

Dashboard Dining: What better day than Labor Day to celebrate the irrepressible Sherry Kent’s labors to open her newest venture, Drive By Pie?

This is not your stereotypical fast food. No burgers or fries here. Sherry will be offering nothing but home-made food, all of which can be eaten with one hand while the other’s on the wheel. The breakfast and lunch menu (she opens at 6a.m. and closes at 2 p.m.) include her filling breakfast burritos, big blueberry muffins, sandwiches on her own hand-made bread, cookies and, of course, slices of her Killer Apple Pie. Every item is $5 or less. Whole pies also will be available for sale.

Drive By Pie is located behind Liberty Bank in Granby, in the alley between the Middle Park Glass Co. and the Middle Park Land Trust offices. Stop by today for the opening day fun and fanfare; stop by anytime for the food.

My interests in good food dates back to my childhood, but they were sharpened when I lived in New York where the entire culinary world is available – meatballs in Little Italy, dim sum in Chinatown, Brazilian stews, Korean barbecues, Thai curries and anything else imaginable. My favorite breakfasts, however, always involved local delis and a plate full of eggs, some form of cured pork product and a fresh bagel.

I still miss it all, so it was a treat to finally discover the eggs and corned beef breakfast at Rise and Shine Cafe in Winter Park. The bagels are soft, fresh and served with a healthy “schmear” of cream cheese. And the corned beef would make any New Yorker proud – home made, lean, with the right amount of seasonings, cut into chunks and lightly grilled with the eggs. Their other breakfast nod to NYC is the lox and bagel, topped with plenty of red onions and capers. All that was missing was the Sunday Times and waiters with attitude.

Prevention and Peace of Mind: I learned recently of another acquaintance with a breast cancer diagnosis and was again reminded of the importance of regular mammograms and checkups. Kremmling Memorial Hospital offers a free screening mammogram to any woman who turns 40. Just make the appointment with the hospital’s radiology department any time in the month of your 40th birthday. For others, the hospital offers a 20 percent cash discount for yearly exams.

Pounding Nails: Do the guys building the house behind me really need to start working at 7a.m. on weekends? I know they’re putting the house up on their own time, after other jobs, but that still seems a little early to be constructing anything other than breakfast.

I try to convince myself it’s the sound of economic recovery. This area will rebound not through more big developments, but one home at a time – one reasonably sized house being built, others being sold at reasonable prices. At some point, we’ll realize that things have turned for the better.

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