Kremming " What is ‘swing care’ at your hospital? |

Kremming " What is ‘swing care’ at your hospital?

Eric Murray " Voice of Your Hospital

Every once in a while I like to explain a service at the hospital. One of these services that isn’t always clearly understood is swing care. No it does not involve playground equipment.

If you are hospitalized and treated for an acute care situation, (very sick or injured), and still need some time to focus on getting stronger and more independent with your daily activities before you go home, skilled nursing care delivered through a program called swing care is an option.

A swing bed allows your physician to “swing” your level of care from acute to skilled while you remain in the same area of the hospital. Even if you are receiving acute care in another hospital, you can still be referred to the KMHD Swing Bed program to prepare you for easier transition back to your life at home.

Your family physician can take care of you while you are receiving skilled care, but if you don’t have a family physician at KMHD, a medical physician on staff will take responsibility for your care.

The benefits of receiving skilled nursing services at KMHD are many. Diagnostic services such as physical, occupational and speech therapy, monitoring of medical needs by a licensed nurse, wound assessment and care, pain management, IV therapy and nutritional therapy are delivered with dignity and respect for the patient and their family.

Kremmling Memorial Hospital has two social workers who can explain more about the swing care program. If you know someone who might have been hospitalized in Denver for example and needs to work their way back to Grand County, call Dawn Mathews or Kathy Whitman at 724-3442.