Kremmling " No one can replace Inell, but would anyone like to try and fill her shoes? |

Kremmling " No one can replace Inell, but would anyone like to try and fill her shoes?

This is the most difficult job announcement I’ve ever had to post.

Honestly, there was a part of me that thought Inell Harvey would live forever. She had more energy than I do. She was a thousand times more positive than I could ever hope to be. And she had an enviable social life that probably had her calendar full for the rest of the year, if not beyond.

I loved hearing her voice on the other line every week, calling to ask if we’d received her column or requesting more publicity for the senior potlucks.

She was trying so hard, with varied success, to switch from her word processor to e-mail. Instead, she usually printed out her column and had her friend Harold Steensma fax it in.

From typing her column every week for the paper, I was given regular updates about the people of Kremmling. Their names were committed to my memory by regular keystrokes and their lives slowly unfolded for me through Inell’s careful accounting of shopping trips, card games and potluck dishes.

Since she stopped writing, I have no idea who is visiting whom, who was taken out for a restaurant meal or who won last week’s cribbage games.

When Inell was in the hospital after her car accident, Larry Banman wrote a tribute column to her. He wrote that she was the last in a tradition of community journalists who aren’t a part of newspapers anymore.

He’s right. And it’s unfortunate.

Small town newspapers should be full of small town details. The day-to-day details of our lives that are so important to us are rarely the stuff of headlines.

Since Inell died there has been a void, not only in a lot of people’s lives, but in the pages of this newspaper. We have a lot of readers ” locally and outside of Grand County ” who picked up the paper to read “Heeney Hearsay.”

Honestly, no one will ever replace Inell Harvey, who wrote for this newspaper for more than two decades. But I’m wondering if there’s anyone in Kremmling who would like to try to fill her shoes.

I’m looking for someone who knows and loves the community ” who can share the more personal side of what is happening in town. I need someone who can meet a deadline, preferably someone with e-mail.

If you are interested, call me at (970) 887-3334 ext. 19600, e-mail or stop by the office at 424 E. Agate Ave. in Granby.