Kremmling residents celebrate birthdays, accommodate bicyclists |

Kremmling residents celebrate birthdays, accommodate bicyclists

Larry Ebersole/
Kremmling Crossroads

I noticed the “back to school” stuff being put on display at the Kremmling Mercantile the other day. It seems like summer just started. Maybe I just haven’t reached that day where a parent’s summer ends and you are just ready for the kids to go back to school.

I have a couple of Happy Birthday wishes for people from West Grand High School. The first is for Colleen Bonds, whose birthday was Saturday, July 26. Colleen is the secretary at WGHS. Also Happy Birthday to Clayton “Bear” Frederickson, who celebrated on July 25.

It was expected for up to 175 bicyclists to come through town on Thursday, July 24. Thanks to Philip Bonds and his staff, the bicyclists were accommodated overnight at the West Grand High School.

I received a letter from a local resident talking about when they are shopping in Summit County they always seem to run into people from the Kremmling area. I am at Borders Books one day a week and I have to admit to making a big deal about it when someone from Kremmling comes through. I guess being in Summit County does feel like an out-of-town experience at times.

If you are reading anything good this summer let me know about it and maybe I can mention it here. I find some of the best things to read are recommendations from someone else, that book someone liked so well they bought copies to give away to their friends.

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