Kremmling/Eric Murray " Sinusitis sufferers have a new option |

Kremmling/Eric Murray " Sinusitis sufferers have a new option

If you can blow your nose and breath during spring and summer, you are likely not an allergy sufferer.

If your eyes aren’t puffy and itchy, if you don’t breathe through your mouth as an only option, fight constant headaches, incur sneezing fits and hide out from pollinating trees and flowers, then congratulations ” you don’t likely have allergies or the possible inflammation or infection of the sinuses called sinusitis.

Dr. Tralla, visiting otolaryngologyist (ENT), would like to reduce or eliminate the sinus suffering all together. He is the first in the area to introduce a new, minimally invasive procedure to Grand County that might make life more pleasant for people with chronic sinusitis.

For years sinusitis patients have been treated with antibiotics, topical nasal steroids or surgery.

“It’s been 25 years since anything has been developed since traditional invasive surgery,” says Casey Tisdale, representative for Acclarent Inc.

The new procedure, approved by the FDA in 2005, is called Balloon Sinuplasty®. It utilizes small, flexible devices that enter through the nostrils. A balloon gently opens narrow sinus passages much like angioplasty for the heart used in cardiology. It opens up the sinus cavities to allow for more effective mucus drainage.

“This technology preserves the tissues instead of cutting it out,” says Tisdale. The traditional surgery often took 7-10 days of recovery time. According to studies, recovery times for Balloon Sinuplasty® take only a day or two.

Demand is expected to grow as the word gets out about the high success rates and the quick recovery time, two factors that are known to have often dissuaded sinusitis sufferers from traditional surgery.

“My patients have had great success with this procedure,” Dr. Tralla said.

If you are tired of living with the fear of getting another sinus infection, you should talk to your family practice doctor about this new procedure.

Most insurance plans are known to cover the procedure just as they would any sinus surgery. A consultation with Dr. Tralla is the first step in determining if this procedure is right for you.

Call the specialty clinic at Kremmling Memorial Hospital at 724-3442 or ask your family practice doctor if you might be a good candidate for this procedure.