Larry Ebersole: Writer to begin weekly Kremmling column |

Larry Ebersole: Writer to begin weekly Kremmling column

Larry Ebersole
Kremmling's Crossroads

How do you follow in the footsteps of someone who has written about a community through nearly 1,600 columns as Inell Harvey has done over the years?

You don’t, or can’t for that matter. However I will try to walk on beside her accomplishments with this new column.

I called my column, “Kremmling’s Crossroads,” for several reasons.

Throughout history, important events always seem to take place at some sort of crossroads, especially on an individual level.

Often, a town’s crossroads is where the local news is exchanged, giving everyone a chance to catch up.

This was the function of Inell’s column and it will remain the mission of Kremmling’s Crossroads.

I am just beginning to gather information to report as this is the first column. So, I ask that you share with me any noteworthy happenings throughout the Kremmling community.

I have been a part of the community here, along with my wife and son, for a little over three years.

Where Inell could report about everyone she seemed to know, this is my chance to get to know many of you.

Though we have only been here a short time we have turned down many opportunities that would have required us to leave the Kremmling area. We haven’t left and we won’t.

I hope to not only report on the Kremmling community, but to contribute to it in some small way. I look forward to hearing from all of you.

I will start the column out with a bit of personal news. We just adopted a 4-year-old black lab mix from the Grand County Animal Shelter. His name is Bungie, which must have something to do with his ability to jump. I brought home a chicken fried steak from the Rocky Mountain Bar and Grill and set it out on a plate. When I looked back after reaching for a drink, I watched Bungie licking the last of the gravy from his mouth.

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