Veterans Corner " Electronic records system will help veterans |

Veterans Corner " Electronic records system will help veterans

Grand County Veterans Service Officer Dave Jones / Veterans Corner
Grand County, Colorado

On April 9 the President, Secretary of Defense (DOD) and Secretary of Veterans Affairs (VA) announced that the DOD and VA have taken the first steps in creating a Joint Virtual Lifetime Electronic Records. This system will allow DOD and VA to streamline transition of health care records for both departments and to see health care from the day the veteran enter military service, hopefully to be fully implemented by 2013. Veterans if you want to keep up with the latest in VA health care and have access to Internet go to Web site

Veterans, if you’re looking for a job or study change log on to for the latest on training and jobs to lead America’s transition to energy independence, ecological restoration, community renewal and economic prosperity.

First lady takes on military family issues

Most first ladies have taken on special projects that reflect their core values, such as highway beautification for Lady Bird Johnson and the promotion of reading for Laura Bush. First Lady Michelle Obama is emulating her predecessors, with a difference. Her signature initiative ” improving the lives of military families ” has become a personal mission and an emotional cause. Her outreach to the military is an important part of her appeal, partly because it was unexpected and has important political implications.

New veterans hospital in Denver under way

Thanks to all who kept their hearts and heads on this goal.

World War II

As of September 2008, the most recent date for which statistics are available from VA, 2.3 million WWII vets were living. A total of 16.1 million Americans served in uniform between 1941 and 1945. In other words, only 14 percent of the GIs mobilized by war’s end are still alive today.

Remember the Veterans Rally August 14-16. More updates will be coming.

Thanks to all for their service to our country.

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