Visitors are welcome at Grand County libraries |

Visitors are welcome at Grand County libraries

Edie Strate
Grand County Libraries

The Grand County Library District welcomes visitors to our libraries in the beautiful high country. Libraries are a fixture in the lives of the locals of any community. However, we also fill many needs of travelers who are visiting for just a short time, even if you don’t have our library card. The staff members of all five of our libraries invite you to stop in and find out about our services.

Communication services are nearly universally sought-after by travelers. All the Grand County libraries have customer computers which can be used without having a library card, and even without paying a fee. (Donations are appreciated, however!) Check your e-mail, download photos onto your USB flash drive, print boarding passes, and take care of business. Wireless also is available. You can fax, copy or scan and email from our copy machines for a modest fee.

If you want to get out of the car or motel room, or just have some quiet time to yourself, come in and settle in our comfortable chairs. Browse the magazines, find out about the local lore and read whatever you wish within the library. Take a look at local hiking or biking trail maps and find out about attractions nearby.

Story times are presented weekly for the little ones who might be traveling with you. What a wonderful break from the confines of travel to be able to come in and hear a story, sing songs, engage in finger plays, and have a simple snack. Also, each of our branches has some toys and puppets to play with on site. Our libraries sponsor a Summer Reading Program from June to August. There are entertainers who come weekly with puppets, magic and jokes, and visitors are welcome.

Check with the library or in the Sky High News for times and dates, or go to the Grand County website at for details.

Family entertainment and educational programs are held at various branches throughout the year. These might be on local history, gardening, Rocky Mountain wildlife, crafts or health. There might be an author talk or an art show by a local artist. As with the children’s programs, check at the library to find out what is scheduled, or go to the website.

Grand County Libraries are also a good source of information about other community events. Flyers are posted in each library near the entrance. You can discover classes, concerts, plays, races, and lots of other interesting things to do while visiting this area.

The Friends of the Grand County Libraries have used books for sale at each branch. The prices are quite reasonable and you will be able to get fresh reading material to take away with you. There are also large used book sales this summer: July 2-3 at Granby Library, July 17-18 in Grand Lake at Juniper Library, and July 23-25 at Fraser Valley Library.

If you come in and find that you absolutely must check out some materials, you may open a card based upon your Colorado library card from another city (you must have the card with you), or you may purchase a one year membership for $20. Either way, it’s a bargain and will give you full access to all that we have to offer.